Shadow On The Henhouse Poem by Adrian Wait

Shadow On The Henhouse

Rating: 4.5

There’s a shadow on the henhouse
Disturbing, broad and still
Impending division, scattered light
Step by step to the edge until
silence seduces conformity
Married through objectivity
to words that state or whisper
“I was only doing my job”
The method emerges
to become the thing
New Wolf same as the old Wolf
Yet, nothing is more tiresome
Than the trained nonconformist
With axe to grind and badges
Words without passion
Spill out in feigned affection
Destroy illusions and often
Submit to the piper
Dance to the tune
Resurrect careers
Advancing self-promotion
Status within the system
Will blind us to the theme
Survival of the fittest
When justice and questions cease
All members of one team
Who cry Peace, Peace
We join the crowd
When darkness steals the day
The vulnerable silenced
Oppressed with the blessings
Of the disengaged,
In silence
Comfort undisturbed
Assured of the correct channels
Lest we rock the boat
Upset the natural order
What is happening here?
Who is it happening for?
Do we hear the cry…
and challenge the closing door
Silence by silence, indifferently
We turn away
accepting the thirty pieces
to fight another day
Conformity excuses, inaction
stillness is mistaken
For wisdom and procedure
Are we troubled or too busy
to see and know the cost
Of the Living Word
And Caring for the lost
We label to dismiss
The gap between us all
Mistaking passion for anger
Too busy building our wall
We avoid the confrontation
The still small voice within
Silencing the discomfort
Drop our penny in the tin
Comfort our conscience
give the truth a little spin
Seeking approval from our leaders
Uncomfortable in the minority
Or lost within the two or three
Forsaking dignity
We march with the Crowd
affirmed in our own wisdom
A prisoner of approval
Status remains intact
Seminars and speakers
Keep us from attack
Masking selfishness with objectivity
Remaining wise within our eyes
Not sacrificing our control
our eyes upon the prize
Status, wealth must not be challenged
Lest it reveals ignorant passion
Justifying inaction, Ignorance is bliss
Where alarm call is mistaken
We label to dismiss
We speak of caring
And fail to listen
Then produce the facts
With Joined up mantra
We bully and attack
Pointing to the majority
Untouched by shadows
Lost in their objectivity
All are aware of their lie
Not told to themselves alone
Shareholders in their downfall
Headless chickens - network
Speaking of unpersons
who fail to conform
Sliding doors and glass ceiling
Only recognise approvals norms
There’s a shadow darker still
the retiring mind, conformed
to the whisper of deception
“I’m your friend; I’m your pal…
conform, rest, and join us
avoid the shadow”
Consuming the consumer
Pointing to far henhouse
And those unlike you or I
Betrayal in silence,
Division achieved, do or die
Untouched in their henhouse
Disengaged are heard to say
The market helps those who help themselves
natural selection, paves the way
survival of the fittest
shadows spread, and ends the day
wealth and status our gatekeeper
ignorance no defence
I was hungry I was thirsty
Crowds passed by without a word
Do we dwell where the cries
of Calvary can be heard.
There’s a shadow on the henhouse

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