Justin Lynch

Sharks Have More Teeth Than Friends - Poem by Justin Lynch

You threw your heart at me, it bled with irony.
It smelled of arbitrary guilt.
I threw it back to you, knowing it'd stick like glue.
Inside this house that heartache built.

When the shit hit the fan, I was the bigger man.
I rose above the lonely sea.
Water too cold for me, waves crash relentlessly.
I was awashed in deviltry.

Woke to another voice, it was a splendid noise.
I welcomed it with open arms.
Clung to this brand-face, we kept a vicious pace.
And kept each other safe from harm.

We watched the shoreline crack, also each others backs.
And lived as happy as can be.
So if by devil's turn, that awful shark returns.
There's no room left for you and me.

As if by chance and fate, I took the sailor's bait.
Now I pull hooks out of my gums.
It bleeds in leaps and bounds, and I make awful sounds.
The shark has got me by the tongue.

I'm now a mockingbird, I sing but just one word.
That word happens to be your name.
So if that shark returns, and my lungs start to burn.
I will keep singing just the same.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, January 25, 2013

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