She Took Me To The Road Poem by Dom Wisperez

She Took Me To The Road

In the middle of the road I stand
It is night,
damp and cool.
Street lights far and few, dimly lighting
the Black stretch

Crouching down
I place my hand upon the asphalt,
embracing its with-held-warmth from day.
My fingers admire its rippled texture
and defects of cracks and ruts.

My hands untuned path find the yellow lines
and I just have to follow them.
So with my eyes I follow the yellow markings
down the pavement
till the street lights no longer light the roads whereabouts

Where the pavement meets a black surround
I gaze for continuum
and I enjoy the suspense
of not knowing what's yonder.

These events reminded me of the one I love,
and the evening she took me
Into the road.
She said, 'there's a car coming'...
...And I atest
it was Destiny,
the car never came.
Faith placed us in the road
and it seemed like eternity
as we conversed in the road.
We spoke of god and brutal times past,
and conflicted, but stayed one.
and eventually our time ended
In the road when faith brought us back off the pavement.

S... Che 07 July 2007

Nice poem: -) I enjoyed it

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