Andrew Herrera

Shining - Poem by Andrew Herrera

Today I met a man without a name.
When I looked at him he looked my way.
I was curious as to who this man really was,
so I tried to group my words in my mind,
but I couldn’t find the ones
that form my thoughts.
So I stood there,
and he stood there,
silently staring in complete
wonder and amazement.

The moon was shining through
a window behind him and I wanted to say
What a beautiful moon we have tonight. But it
seemed to soon to ruin the silence with
unnecessary sound.
So, I stood there,
silently staring into his eyes,
which were a deep, dark brown.
We seemed to have an entire conversation
without ever opening our mouths.

He said he’s gone through half his life
and not a single moment has passed by
that he’s a bit proud of. And I said I,
I can change that. I can give you a life
that you can take home to your parents,
that you can brag about in your locker
room rants to your, so-called friends,
to your quasi tolerable co-workers
who can’t stop bragging about the
promotion that they got and
you thought you had in the bag.

He listened,
though he saw a future that I didn’t.
I couldn’t see that it was just a
fantasy that I couldn’t get out of my head.
Soon, he made me see.
He made me see the closed doors and the
broken floor boards of this
not so squeaky clean dream.

Today I conversed with man, he had no name.
And without ever once opening his mouth,
he told me about the nothings that cloud
his entire life so far.
I looked at him and he looked my way.
I couldn’t help but figure out that his
life mirrored mine.
A life like a cloudy April day.

Staring into the doorway of our future
selves, we couldn’t speak.
And when I say we, I really mean me.
Because I’m
silently staring into a combination of
silver and glass made to reflect
the innermost self.
But who am I?
Who is the man that stares back at me?

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Poem Submitted: Monday, February 15, 2010

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