Silence - Poem by Jilted BUTTERFLY

She shrieked and screamed and bawled and cried,
'how can something so a small make so much noise'
soothing and cuddling and shushing she tried,
She played her soft music and gave her soft toys,
Doctors were called and psychologists sought,
But still no relief from the nightly terror
It brought our poor mum to the edge of her lot,
It drained her of energy and wits and colour,
This constant aural agony from the baby blue cot.
She got some pills for her nerves, to help her sleep,
But she couldn't take them for fear of missing the night
When her baby girl would be quiet, not a peep,
So she trudged on through with all her might,
Awake through it all and unprepared for the change.

No screaming tonight, not a sound not a squeak,
She lay back and cried and sobbed herself sane,
She thanked god for the respite - the first in weeks,
And eased she drifted off for a moment's fitful slumber,
Before waking seconds later and sitting bolt upright,
The terrible silence ripping her mind like thunder,
She sat perfectly still and panicked - in fright,
She couldn't move, not an inch - the sound of silence...
A greater horror no mind could contemplate,
She inched at first then sprang from her bed - tense,
And leapt for cot on the other side of too late,
This ungolden silence - tearing at her heart,
This rotten hush, this ungodly still, this noiselessness

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Poem Submitted: Monday, December 1, 2008

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