the sky is the hardest blue I
have ever seen

an aeroplane filled with good wishes
left-overs from the winners' banquet table
rusty computers and fresh new Bibles
flies into the hard sky only to crash
into the welcoming sea its wings
sheared from its bleeding-heart tin body
by the blue steel

little children flying holy kites
run in terror as the iron blue sky
lacerates the innocent blood-red
skin and sends down shards of
delicate joy in awful omens
that speak of the death of beauty
of innocence

a thousand doves are released
from the wedding but a hard rain
of feathers and blood falls from
the callous sky and stains the
vows of love forever turns wedding
robe to winding sheet in the burning
streets of hell

oh look
the hard blue sky of our hearts

Topic(s) of this poem: commentary

Form: Free Verse

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, June 20, 2017

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