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So Confused - Poem by Sharayna Eldridge

Yhu told mii yhu were falling 4 mii && now yhur fallin 4 her..

Wat da hell man make up yhur mind... The day yhu told mii yhu were fallin 4 mii was the day i fell harder...

I start fallin for yhu the day we looked in each othas eye'z! ! ! && now we ain't 2getha.. I've fallin way harder! ! !

Today been a month since we havent been 2getha && yesterday would of been our 5th month anniversery && it tore mii apart! ! ! That smile i had on ma face was jus a put on.. && now these tears in ma eyes will last 4eva! ! !

I neva new i would fall like this again! ! ! I have so many questions to as him! !


#1. Q: Were yhu really in-love wit mii? ?
#1. A: His: no answer Mines: yes all the way! ! !

#2. Q: Did yhu really love mii? ?
#2. A: His: no answer Mines: Yes! ! 100%

#3. Q: Why Mii? ?
#3. A: His: Ma IDK! ! ! Mines: IDK eitha! ! !

#4. Q: Did yhu really brake up wit mii cuz yhu needed a brake or was it for anotha gir? ? ?
#4.A: His: no answer Mines: blank answer! ! !

#5. Q: Did yhu mean everything yhu said?
#5. A: His: no answer Mines: Yes every last word && thought! !

#6. Q: Do yhu eva wanna even get bac 2getha?
#6. A: His: yhu say yhu do! ! 'but i wonder! ' Mines: 24-7 even on days that we fought! ! !

*Remember i told yhu! ! 'I Swear On Everything I Love That I Will Always Love Yhu! ! && Take Yhu Bac! ! Cuz No One Can Neva Change How Much I <3 Yhu! ! ! '

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 25, 2010

Poem Edited: Sunday, April 25, 2010

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