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So Desperate Without Your Presence - Poem by laiba shams

U know the best feeling of a broken heart
Is to know that YOU were the one to tear it apart
The best feeling of crying
Is to know that you were the reason i cried
The bad truth in lying
Was nothing but the fact that you always were the reason why i lied
Have you ever thought, the best thought i’ve had when i think
Is the thought of you, moving on while i die
the reason behind every smile
Is that i wanted to be like you
The reason behind every time, i smiled when i was hurt
Is because i was hurt because of you
The reason why i shouted like guns
Is because i wanted you to hear me for once
The reason behind me saying nonsense
Is because you make me forget what im suppose to say
Have you ever thought why i gasped for air
Because i forgot to breath around you
Has any one ever told you? Why im absent most of the time at school
Well its because you don’t want my presence
Did you ever bother to even think, why i spent so much time sleeping
Because i always dream of you,
The reason behind why im always staring into water
Is nothing but the fact that i see your reflection
The reason why i let myself go with the wind
Because i smell your scent
Have you every thought why i never talked to you
Was to give you an unfortunate chance
The time i slipped on the way back home
Was because you kept my eyes on you, instead of letting me watch my step
You know why i like reading bill boards,
Is because they contain your name.
The reason why i sat so close to you
So you could see off my paper while we were still friends
~I hope you remember the time I felt like i was going to die
That was just because my heart skipped a beat seeing you forget

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, June 16, 2011

Poem Edited: Friday, June 17, 2011

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