Kris Smith

Rookie - 20 Points (10-26-1983 / Houston, Texas)

Soldier - Poem by Kris Smith

He's a man on his note/who's at ease at his post/get low/when them things blow/lettin' y'all know/that's a soldier/with pride/with his troops, he collide/on the battlefield/demonstrating his battling skills/that's a soldier/fighting for his country/fightingn for the poor and hungry/yo, wassup, who want it, B? /honestly/yo, that's a soldier/keepin' that composure/M-16 toter and holder/lettin' 'em know how it go, bruh/yo/that's a soldier/bussin' randomly/to get back home to his family/honor, integrity, and sanity/off top, that's a soldier/goin' by that code of ethics/yo, ya gotta respect it/to those soldiers on deck/mic check/that's a soldier/go and round out the tank/and shoot some rounds from the tank/you know you're on top even if they say you ain't/that's a soldier/who's never givin' up/everyday, livin' it up/dreams and goals, fullfillin''em up/that's a soldier/those true soldiers bout that money and that power/who would rather die like a man than live like a coward/that's a soldier/one time for the U.S/the country that do it best/red, white, and blue, nothin' less/where them soldiers/who steady loadin' them clips/lock and loadin' and shit/I'm lettin' y'all know what it is/that's the biz/that's a soldier/on the battlefield/gotta letcha know the deal/on the field/them boys get ill/where shit is real/yo/that's a soldier/true soldiers that's down to ride or die/talkin' bout them true soldiers that's reachin' for the sky/talkin' bout them true soldiers that's down to ride or die/that's a soldier/true soldiers/keep your head to the sky

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