Electric Tripp

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Solitude - Poem by Electric Tripp


Sitting in my room, alone
Sitting in the darkness
Behind the wall, in my mind
My eyes can see through the dark

A world built just for me
A world built to call my own
Peace and Harmony
To protect me from me
A world of love, I built

(pt. II)

Dark soldiers marching closer
The epic battle begins
Dark versus the Darker
The sky lit up and back down
Retreating, not an option
We will die for my new world
Love and Peace must come from death
Sacrifice their lives for peace
The battle raged on and on
Bombs were falling from the sky
Guns fired all through the black night
No one could see anyone
No one needed to see
They needed guns
'We will not be kept in prison'
Screamed the head of the army
But we couldn't hear him
Not then, Not anytime
Company was kept
By the glow of our torch
The smell of the bodies below
with the scent of fire in front
made his war worth the fight

My world of peace and love
was turned to Hate and Death
but I saved my new home
I kept it mine, for now
for the defenders would
come back to get me

As the shot went in
I wondered if this
was my new life
I was shot in the war
but when I turned around
I was back in my cell
The defenders got me
I was in their prison
but where was my wound
where was the scar
I was getting sleepy
When I realized
That there was no war
There was no fighting
But when I wake up
I'll be insane again

(pt. I) was written in ADVISORY on 9-7-06
(pt. II) was written in STUDY HALL on 9-7-06

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, August 1, 2009

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