Micah Krahn

Some Kind Of Animal (Edited) - Poem by Micah Krahn

men are a messed up animal, abuse is a a one way street.
a one way street with no dead end in sight.
savage and bloodthirsty, we are a breed of irate consequences.
we are tied to a leash of filth.
we yearn for sex like a tasty dangling wishbone
chained to a post with a pathetic 50 dollar hooker.
the collar we wear is an inseparable cruelty and filth is an inescapable disease.

men are a messed up animal, cross us and you'll learn to regret it.
we chew up the scraps of our savaged existence. A man desires what he cannot have.
not everything is absolute, boyfriends and husbands are temporary
and are nothing but a mild hindrance.
if we desperately crave someone enough, there is no where they can hide
there is no collar, leash or cage that can contain us, we are the hunger within us.
survival of the fittest just became a dog eat dog world.

men are a messed up animal, force us to change and we'll ravage your sweet innocence
you'll be gasping for air before we rip you to shreds, come look at the animal you've let us become,
we aren't as sweet and adorable as we once were, you're the animal now.
nature has reversed its course on us, the tables have turned now
you are the animalistic savages slaving our humanity
its time for you to wear the collar of degradation.

men are a messed up animal, we are the brutality of a junkyard dog.
thrashing the trepidation that which once lived within us.
we prey on the terror drenched in your eyes, you fall victim to our Viciousness.

Men are a messed up animal, we snort and we hiss in irate fury
we are your only nightmare, pure hatred without hate.
go ahead, whine and moan it won't help you here.

men are a messed up animal, malicious hell hounds bent on ravaging your sweet frail humanity
to transform your civility into the barbarous dog you once were.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I based this on all mankind, we all have these urges as men, but most choose to ignore them, on the other hand, i mostly based this poem upon the savagery of the prison system the men locked away in confinement are more dogs than men, they have forgotten who they once were as people of humanity and returned to their animalistic instincts they had when they were born, as i said before in the first sentence of 'this' reference many 'choose' to ignore the animal in us, most do not. - also, a song actually inspired me to write this poem. The Animal I've Become by Three Days Grace

by Micah Krahn

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, July 25, 2013

Poem Edited: Friday, July 26, 2013

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