Armand Miller

Rookie (July 15 / Chcago)

Something To Worry About - Poem by Armand Miller

Round of applause
Baby make that ass clap
Now that I've grasped your attention
Let me explain to you why
What you just did was stupid
All the females that clapped
Understand you're merely fueling society's belief
On the only thing a black girl is good for
Fellas, we're worse
Because we get all excited
When a girl actually do it
Not realizing it's our very bone
That is degrading itself
I will say this though
We aren't to blame completely.
Some of it is because of parents
Some of it is because of teachers
But an overwhelming majority is because
Of OUR shared mentality
Because we allow ourselves to believe
That when we fight we always win
When that's merely the so called supremacy
Toying with us once again
Prime example: Nov.4,2008
So, most of his house and senate is republican and white
Presidents don't run countries by themselves
Stop blaming him because it appears nothings happened
You have to understand he's fighting
All those snobby, white bastards
That don't want a nigger
In "their" house
But I digress and move on to brass tax
People the supposed supremacy
Embedded in we
Our expected life plans
The day the pregnancy test says "yes"
You'll grow up
Learn what they want you to learn
Go to high school
And begin the downward spiral
Because, since your black, you'll do drugs
To handle the stress of being a teen
And you'll rob a store
Because you got the munchies
Now both you and your girl
Got rep sheets because neither of you knew
About the camera in the back corner
You go to jail
Best case scenario you have a misdemeanor
So they let you go
Now What?
No school wants a criminal inside, it's a safety hazard
No job is going to logically hire thieves
So what do you two do
When your backs at the corner
You start dealing
And get arrested again
Now you're facing 20 for possession and intent
Because you're black


You make it through high school
Go to college
Actually graduate
You know if you're a 12%er
But now what?
You major in Business
But you feel the mail room
Isn't worth the wasted energy
Of a graduate of such an esteemed University
So you're left for managing Mickey D's
And everyday you're dealing with Mickey fickey's
But I bet you have a white supervisor
That tells you a monkey could do your job
And you just stare or nod whatever
But the problem is we're not thinking
So many of us don't realize that phrase
Is nothing more than a smart way to say nigga
You'll get made when they say nigga
But bow your head and stay silent when they call you monkey
Everybody we are living in something
I call IRS
Inverse Red Summer
Because instead of them killing us
They give us the gun
Let us kill us
And then lock us away in detention camps
I mean prisons
So now we have 20 to life
And no hopes of probation
And if the rumors are true
No Vaseline for that midnight penetration
So either way it goes
Their plan ends with
Our Incarceration

So let's think about the now
And how it'll the affect the then
Because I know
We are tired of being
Because Being is a Verb
That is only an is
We have to be more than IS
‘Cause they love when we submit to IS
Because that means they control the rest of
Life's sentence that we must adhere to
Because we are only IS
We're not the thought
Nor are we the subject
We just Are
Which is plural for IS

Everybody changes need to occur
And they start by actually learning and understanding
The history, nature, and reason of our people
It's horrible that so many people love Rosa Parks
For what she's done
But those of us that ride the CTA
Always head to the back of the bus
So please let us progress
Instead of just having mental process
Let's actually come and STAY together
Not just be next door neighbors
Help each other to educate
Don't look at ignorance and just tolerate
Because if we don't
We are only committing suicide
And with our deaths
All they think is
"That's one less nigger I have to worry about."

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