Christopher McInnes

(song Lyric 6) After The Climb - Poem by Christopher McInnes

I climbed up to the roof of the world
Breathing hard and banging my toes
On the rocks and stones of the winding path;
Hard, hard, hard was the climb to the summit
And I daren't look back till I reached the top
And brushed my head 'gainst the lonely clouds.

Beautiful world, beautiful world,
How I love to see you there:
From up here and looking down,
I can see the whole of you, the whole of you,
So very small I can pick you up,
And put you tenderly in my heart
And keep you there for ever.

The valleys, the paths, the lovely parks,
The winding road to the beach
And the sea in the distance glistening blue
And the lighthouse glowing white.

All the people and the houses look so small
But it makes my heart get bigger
And my love for them grows more.
All the people and the cars
Doing their little things below
Moving around so fast, the way I did down there.

Now the big still mountains put their arms around me
And the grass feels soft beneath my naked feet.
The only sound I hear is my heart beating
And a hawk's wings going thud, thud, thud,
Against the highland air.

I feel I can fly free like the hawk
And kiss the clear blue sky
And kiss the snow on the mountain tops
And kiss the world beneath me.

Flying high, flying high, I feel truly free now
And though there is so far to fall
Into the distance beneath me, I'm not afraid
'Cos I'm only falling, falling, falling in love.

In love with the world beneath my feet,
In love with the mountains around me,
In love with the sky, in love with the birds,
In love with the flowers nodding their heads
As they dance in the gentle breeze.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 29, 2011

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