Enriquito Lucero Jr.

Soul Cleansing - Poem by Enriquito Lucero Jr.

One hot day,
I injected myself with a hallucinogenic drug
and took a short hike.
Along the way, I found a white book
without a single word on its cover...
and was very pleased and amazed
about the warm thoughts contained in the book.
Until I gazed to the place where I was sitting,
Bewilderedness struck me and I couldn't believe my eyes
It seemed that the place where I was sitting was
From being deserted to a warm and unexplainable sorounding
Full of beautiful music with dynamic melody.
And from being lifeless...
There were now merry different people from young to ripe of both sexes.
They all wore white down to their feet
Except mine which was very black.
So I asked a person who was a complete stranger to me - His face expressed all sort of happiness.
'Mister, what place is this? '
In a soft as an unpolluted air he replied:
'Precious one, this place is for you... and is yours if only you have followed on the right path...'
Curiousity does its part again:
'Why do I wear black opposite to the others? '
In same voice he replied:
'My son, I love you and I cared for you... many times and in many ways I've shown my love to you... but you failed to notice it...'
Darkness suddenly followed;
In a world of total darkness, there's only one thing I am sure of... it is that I am laying on a bed.
Then I've heard voices.
I opened my eyes and saw persons wearing white.
Putting something in me.
Then I heard one said:
'This really is a survivor'
Then another one:
'He is just another lucky guy with a different case'
'Yeah! It's a miracle to survive with that kind of overdose to suffer.'

*18 yrs. old then
*idea inspired by 'Footprints in the Sand'
*first printed on St. Louis yearbook (1990)

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Poem Submitted: Monday, December 7, 2009

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