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Sounds - Poem by gnrao rao

Asses and donkeys bray.
Some people say they bray
instead of praying in the
temple or church.
Lions roars,
the sound can be heard
from a long distance too.
Cocks crow in the morning,
the crows crow to invite
all to share the food,
or to inform one of them
is dead.
Cows low and low,
Their cry for mating
is too loud.
Horses neigh, neigh more,
when there is a stranger,
or a snake.
Ducks quack, quack,
they flap their wings
and swims in the pond.
Hens cluck and cluck
more when they are with
the chicken,
open their wings with
feathers take in all
of them to save them
from the eagle.
Lambs bleat more,
Especially when tied
alone, as a sacrifice
for the man or the beast.
Mice squeaks more
in the night,
and more when they
have no way to get away.
Kittens mew and mew,
More when their mother
is not there.
What about man?
As an infant cries
For feeding,
As a young man
craves for the
Opposite sex,
have quarrels,
and exchanges blows,
beats his wife and kids,
after he had a fill
of 5 drinks
or after drinking
to the brim.
Shouts at the top of thevoice to prove that
he is right.
and when he does not have
confidence in himself.
Msn's speciality
is shouting, speaking
ill of others,
and boasting.
and flattering
to gain his
own ends.

Topic(s) of this poem: lifestyle

Form: Blank Verse

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, September 7, 2017

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