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Southern Cop

Let us forgive Ty Kendricks.
The place was Darktown. He was young.
His nerves were jittery. The day was hot.
The Negro ran out of the alley.
And so Ty shot.

Let us understand Ty Kendricks.
The Negro must have been dangerous.
Because he ran;
And here was a rookie with a chance

To prove himself a man.
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super daddy 08 April 2019

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super mommy 11 April 2020

I agree with you, super daddy.

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Yiller Auyon 20 October 2020

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suppper daddy 12 February 2021


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ryan shherr 18 September 2020

it made me wet like broooo i did not know why

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skifrmdaheights 12 February 2021

very funny Not poem

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hi daddy 12 February 2021


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Moaning Papi 20 October 2020

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moan papi 20 October 2020

so so so wet. i need a change of clothes for how much i squirt

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DEEZNUTZ 20 October 2020

This poem caused an increase of blood flow to my lower extremities

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