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Strange Feelings..! - Poem by Ramdas Bhandarkar

Glowing that natural Thermo nuclear reactor,
Feeding all, giving light and energy,
Globe that revolving with rotation,

Having that invisible veil of Gases
And that blue water
covering all that is
useful ocean where life originated,

Who told that fishes, snakes, plants and turtles,
Come out to breath fresh air! who designed lungs and legs?
Or roots and shoots with seeds and fruit?

Wonder is that how that man evolved,
After only end of tragic period
end of Tyrenic rule of dinosaurs!

How this strong brain in tiny weak body survived,
When that useless and ruthless spices erased!

How strange that this Homo sapiens survived and managed,
managed all dangers and problems he faced ?

Mostly that he learnt that only fittest can survive!
His fights and strains when failed

He might have wept and called
oh! the Greatest of Demon,
Don't you have mercy on my me
Short he made Greatest Of Demon,
Oh! GOD aren't you are kind enough?
Man tried to please that who haunted him the most!

Then started rituals and and hymns to please it!
Then came people who wanted probe deep,
Called people to think and raise above sheep

They are the early philosophers,
And mathematicians,
Logical thinking was their capital,
They were able to see most of the things as they are,
Still that imperfections in logic,
Evolved another species, started thinking in different direction,
They didn't stay till they Got answers to selfsatisfaction,
Then also some jumped
and asked ' what is self, what is satisfaction?

They dived deep to see what is self,
What is the root of own existence?
What is they way for complete satisfaction,
Some are not satisfied with description,
They went in their own path,
Finally found nothing as there was nothing to explain,
As their was nothing that words can explain,
No one was there to reach
Nothing was there to see or perceive,
Only that was that screen on which everything dance,
It is that God they wanted,
And people can see in them what they wanted,
And that is that,
They had the kind, loving heart,
And they were strangle soft, yet strong,
They said they saw that truth,
And Truth is beyond all words,
It is beyond all worlds,
Yet it is with in us and that's the truth,
thinner than vacuum, solid than the blackhole,
And it is that which can create all,
Sustain all or destroy all,
And you are a dust of that,
And that solid truth is collection of all,
Universal set of universal truth,
It is beauty, Truth, and mighty of all, and your consciousness is not apart,
But truly a part not apart of it,

And that unmoved ocean which moves all
It is moving galaxies and stars at its will,
And you too are moved by it!
But it can be moved by a kind loving heart,
Because tears of such heart,
Becomes tears of its own heart!

Poet's Notes about The Poem

'The fact that we live at the
bottom of a deep gravity well,
on the surface of a gas covered
planet going around a nuclear
fireball 90 million miles away
and think this to be normal is obviously some indication of
how skewed our perspective
tends to be.'
― Douglas Adams

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