Ryan Arvin

Struggle Part 1 - Poem by Ryan Arvin

When I was young I was always told that as I grow old I should fit society's mold life uneventful and cold so I chose not to listen because society seemed to be against us trying to put us into submission see I grew up with my mother a single parent boyfriends abuse run rampant hell on earth was apparent for both of us a bond was formed one of love and trust she was my best friend of which I didn't have many together forever living life by the penny I was an introvert so shy and quiet I had A.D.D and depression should I take meds was never a question suppression the doctor supplied it yeah I was bullied but I chose not to fight it because violence doesn't solve problems it only creates them these kind of assholes might not be phased because they think they're amazing but in reality everyone hates them in fifth grade I met my main homie who's still my dawg even to this day a mainstay in my life ever since we were so much the same yet also so different I was a somewhat impoverished goody two shoes that was in ways a misfit his family had money but he was nice as can be an outgoing kid with big dreams and to me that made a difference

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My life compressed (up to 5th grade

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, March 28, 2013

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