Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

Stupid Stuff - Poem by Justin Reamer

'That is the ugliest outfit
You ever wore. Man, you don't know
Nothin' 'bout style these days. And, man,
That face you have is so ugly,
You got that big ol' nose to worry about,
And, you are always downstairs reading a book,
Or writin' some dumb ol' story,
You are such a loser,
And you can do nothin' in this world.
So why don't you try to join the land of the living,
Where people are,
And try to get a life,
And quit all this stupid stuff
That you call a hobby.
That man you think is a friend,
Ain't yo friend at all,
He just yo bosom buddy who is yo taker,
And that man is no friend to you at all.
So quit bein' a loser,
And join the land of the livin,
So you ain't such a loser no more.
You need a life, dude,
And you need it bad,
For you ain't goin' nowhere,
With the path you're takin' right now.
Justin, this is stupid stuff;
Join the land of the livin'
And celebrate the joy for once.
That book you hold there is your worst enemy,
And all those pathetic poems you write ain't gettin'
You nowhere,
So just get it right and join us for a drink.'

My dear friend,
You may say that my life is pointless,
And that my writing sucks,
But let me tell you,
That this process I follow is the way
To let out my soul
And the way to pour my heart out into this world.
My friends may be few,
But they always care about me,
And we share the same interests,
So we are like a brotherhood,
A Fraternity, if you will,
With philia at every corner.
We have the same interest,
Which is to change the world
Through the things we write
And to reveal to people
Things they can change themselves.
We are all happy to be with each other;
Our writing is our joy.

My outfit may be horrid,
Even for your tastes,
But I never cared about what I wore;
I just pick something out and wear it.
I will tell you that maybe I am not attractive,
But I do not give a darned thought about
Makeup or good looks or anything,
For I find them pointless.
My writing is my life,
And so shall it be,
For if you say I have no life,
You can interpret it that way,
But, I can say I have a life,
For my writing is my life.

My writing is my life,
And my friends can only agree,
It is the thing I let my soul through,
And the thing I reveal to people most.
It is my outlet of feeling
And emotion
And things you would not understand,
But I always loved my writing,
And I cannot agree more.

You may say I have no life,
But my writing is my life,
And I will always refuse a drink,
And never drink at all,
Because I believe in temperance,
And my creativity is stalled,
When I become inebriated,
And hung over the next day.

I am not a loser,
But I focus on reality,
I live life to the fullest,
And that I can always say.
I focus on reality
And what I can do to change the world.
I love the people,
And I love everyone,
And will do everything to make it fair.

So, do not call me a loser,
For my reading is not dumb,
Nor my writing horrid in any way,
For my writing is not stupid stuff,
But my meaning in my life.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This poem was inspired by A.E. Housman. However, when I was in my youth, I was criticised a lot, so this poem is about me standing up for myself, although it is metaphorical, since it is between two pretend characters.

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