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Sun Poems - Poem by Raj Arumugam

Sun Poems

in the absence
of your rays
dear Sun
the fearful
created God

we trembled in our nights
in the wild
and you shattered the darkness
and you said:
‘Behold, Creatures -
Behold the Earth! ’

I lie asleep
and you send in
beams of messengers
dear Sun
each with the same message:
‘Hey, lazybones –
wakie! wakie! ’

by you
dear Sun
is life;
and through you
too is death

O setting Sun
do not drag my
heart down with you;
for it’s known in nations
where you do not shine as often
you snatch cheer and smiles away
till you come again;
do not let then my heart
dear Sun
sink with you

sun crazy sun
very disobedient and ill-tempered
unwilling to listen
to shine not too hot and not scorch the earth;
and show-off
and bad-tempered with its flares

the creatures of the earth
burrow deep
and go to sleep
in your absence;
and they come again
kicking and hungry
when you shine

I see you in the flower
that blooms it seems at random;
and I see you too
in the leaves of the lilly-pilly at my window

one must see the sun
or feel it

I think
you’re one hot blonde,
O Sun babe;
on this side of the universe
no one’s as hot as you

the clouds try catching you;
they are little children
and they think you are a ball
they can throw to one another

sometimes I wonder
in the loneliness of night
where you are
and then I see you
bouncing off the moon;
she rejects your advances

they look at the sun
but do not know how to see;
poets interpret it
as children play with clouds
and the holy ones attempt to
squeeze the sun into their texts

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 9, 2010

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