Tell Them Why Poem by Rose Marie Cook

Tell Them Why

Someone asked me today
How many people have I told
That I loved them, I thought for a moment
And in those few seconds faces flashed before me

Not all love lasts forever
Some is brief and short
Either times for longer
And also for all the wrong intentions

I have spoken these words
Many a times yet as I think back on it
I believe it was all a lie
And the one that really deserved it did not

People can make you fall in love
Little games they play
Or even in their naive ways
They make you fall while at the same times they fake it

Pull you in trap you
But we like the game too
We like the feeling of falling
The sense of danger, adrenaline, and comfort

We all want them to be there to catch our fall
But that's not going to happen
That's not how the game goes
You fall, they watch, you get hurt, they leave

You don't always mean it
When you state those treasured words
How can you? How can you love someone
If you are blind with infatuation of how they 'love' you

I Love You
That one statement held above the epitome
Of all others, makes the rest look meak
Yet the emotion from it is as weak and meaningless as all those other words

I challenge you, Next time you 'Love'
Someone do not say those words
In fact use all other words to tell them that
Don't tell them you love them; prove it

Someone saying they love you
Is an amazing thing, but
Them proving it to you is far more exhilerating and meaningful
Better yet do not say 'I Love You', instead tell them why.

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