That Night! ! Poem by Niharica Bhardwaj

That Night! !

Rating: 5.0

That night I was in bed,
That night I can never forget;
That night I heard a strange noise;
That night a peculiar voice
was as though calling me in the backyard,
and then came the strangest part.

I stood up from my bed,
and followed the voice where it led;
I could hear my heart beating loudly,
I could feel a hand reaching near me coldly;
There is no need to say that I was scared,
It seemed as though even the calm moon flared.

I walked and walked until I saw,
a very strange spaceship and marks of paw;
I screamed and screeched till,
my voice started trembling, until;
a hand reached my shoulder,
I turned as a folder.

I saw an alien and ran for my life,
as though an assassin was behind me with a knife;
but what was this, a familiar voice,
but it was harsh, not nice,
then I realised that it was my dad,
but instead of being happy I was sad;
My eyes I did not want to open,
'cause my strangest 'dream' was broken.

(written by me when I was in fifth standard)

Jinal Jobanputra 03 October 2007

Hi Niharica.I am surprised to know that u wrote this poem when u were in fifth? ? ! ! ! GRRR8888! ! ! ! The best thing in this poem is that it uncovers a suspense and brings an interesting picture in front of eyes...GOOD JOB.

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