Ofentse Mercy Hajane

Rookie - 76 Points (1992-04-23 / South Africa/ Johannesburg/ Krugersdorp/ Munsieville)

The Ambulance - Poem by Ofentse Mercy Hajane

Flashing red
Flashing blood

Despair throttle down my spinal cortex
Reason lost in shock
Washed by the sound of a howling motor vehicle.
One that befriended death
Or was it its twin?
It stood open like an alligator basking in the sun.
Tools of giving life hanged upon its mouth cavity.
Its tongue neatly dressed in white
The sound of its howls,
Betraying and hurting my ears.
Singing a melody that stops time instantly.
One who wishes to glance not upon the body driven in its mouth.
Have every reason to fear

Flashing red.
Flashing blood.

The congregation of the night street dwelled in silence.
The aching body of a man, stabbed 'nearly to death',
They pledged.
Lay down shivering,
But indeed death was waiting deep within the light of this motor vehicle.
Its engine growling,
Eager to whisk away its victim(or the victim thereof of men) .
Excitingly it flashed and flashed
I look up unto the dark sky
The moon hid behind the clouds
Levelly I took another glance.
Every man and woman paled.
None looks different from the next.
They all gave an impression of gray ashes.
Then I took a look at the man crying
for help.
How useless was every men at the dawn of the end.
Fluids running out from his body
They seem to take shape of life on their own.
They flowed down the pavements of the night street.
'Free at last'
I could've sworn I heard them sing so.
Man with black clothes lined with orange and lime stripes of
Shining words behind their jackets.
Faceless they seem
The marvel of death is one they know very well.

Death still in the mouth of the motor
Vehicle monster
Called upon them to drive the body away.
As the first door went shut.
Death gave a smile.
The second magically made them

Flashing red
Flashing Blood

As the howl continued it hurts my ears once more.
The engine drifting away with its growls.
The tires cutting the world behind it.

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