Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

The Angel Of Heaven - Poem by Justin Reamer

There is a woman I know who
Is as beautiful as ever could be,
For she has long blond hair that goes
Down to her shoulders and shines in the sun
As light hits its gleaming strands of gold,
And she has blue eyes,
Bright and lively,
That look like the sky or the ocean,
With life shining through them
From the depths of her soul.
Her smile is bright and beautiful,
Lighting up an entire room,
And is contagious,
For when everyone sees it,
They all smile, too.

She is an angel,
With many talents that exceed
The average that anyone has ever seen,
For she is artistic, creative and intelligent,
In many ways that are unimaginable.

Her heart is a vast ocean,
Open to anyone who comes forth,
For she is friendly with all,
And invites everyone to be her friend,
And is kind to them,
In times of happiness,
In times of sadness,
And in times of misery,
She is good to all she sees.

She has a halo that sits atop her head,
For she is good to everyone,
And helps everyone who is in need of help,
And she serves the Father in Heaven with
All of her heart,
As her soul is made of gold,
And her aura shines bright like the sun
On a warm summer day.

She is intelligent,
Knowing everything that comes to mind,
Having wisdom that surpasses all else,
Giving good advice to those who need it,
And lives life in simplicity,
And to the best of her ability,
Because she loves God and
All of God’s people.

Her beauty is unique
Because her aura is white as snow
But as bright as a blazing inferno,
And her hair is like gold in the shining sun,
And her eyes fill with light as they look
Into the outdoors,
Seeing all the lovely things there is to see.

Her creativity is great,
For she is a great musician,
A great poet,
And a great artist,
And she is a great athlete,
Above all,
For she is enamoured with God’s creations.

Her music is beautiful,
For she picks up the violin,
And plays a lovely melody that reminds me
Of canaries singing their beautiful calls,
Illuminating summer mornings
As I wake up in the morning;
She plays the guitar
With all of her passion and all of her soul,
Warming up everyone around her
Because her spirituality is always giving
And never asking for anything in return,
And she loves to see people happy,
Which is always a good thing for me to see, too.
Her voice is melodic and harmonious,
And is much like the beautiful voice of Julie Andrews
In the wonderful movie The Sound of Music
As she sings beautiful songs,
And yet her voice is twice as charismatic
As she sings praise unto the Lord,
Who created her and loves her with all His heart.

Her art is extraordinary,
Which is like a photograph coming to life,
For she depicts everything in such detail,
That she knows the art of God.
She is humbled, though,
For she never boasts about her work,
But people are always amazed at
What they have to see when
Her amazing talents are demonstrated.
They see a photograph,
But not only a painted photograph,
But a painting with emotion,
One with life,
Which is all captured from
The energy that came from her soul,
For an amazing artist she is,
And amazing she will always be.

Her poetry is beautiful,
For when I read it,
It sounds like music to my ears,
And I feel the heartfelt emotions
That come out of it,
For it is like words illuminating the sky,
Creating a rainbow of feelings
That music can do and words cannot accomplish.
They contain beauty, melody, and harmony,
And the symphony is beautiful,
For it is like listening to Mozart
Or Beethoven play their beautiful pieces.
I have never heard such beautiful
Poetry before in my life.

Yet her personality is even greater,
For she is pious and calm,
Warm and welcoming,
And sweet all the same.
She welcomes everyone into her heart,
For it is a heart of diamond,
Which shines bright in every sense of the way,
And she is so gentle and so caring
That she would never crush an ant with her feet.

She is always there for her friends when she needs them,
And she is always willing to
Listen to their problems,
No matter what,
For she is a saint,
Sent here to do God’s will,
And to revisit Him in heaven upon death.
She cares for people,
No matter what,
Giving without receiving,
Demanding nothing in return,
For she is like a child,
Innocent in every fashion,
For her smile illuminates everyone’s hearts,
And yet, she is a sage,
Wise and wonderful,
For she knows how to help people,
And her patience is vast beyond all measure,
So she is willing to listen.
She is Solomon,
Who is wise from God’s influence,
She is Esther,
Who knows how to rule fairly,
And she is Moses,
A natural leader to all,
And helping all of her people through
Constant service to them.

She loves all of God’s people,
And an angel she is,
For she is chaste and pure,
And kind and giving,
And there is no one like she.
She is the red rose
That shines brighter than
All of God’s creation,
For she is His servant,
And lives for Him every day of her life.

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