Maurice Rowlands

The Clairvoyant - Poem by Maurice Rowlands

Leave this place
Creature of darkness
You are not welcome here
Although I cannot see you
I sense you are near

My good lady I just need an answer
I must know, with great fear
Who or what I am
And what I’m doing here
For are you not a seer

Remove your cloak
And your mask sir
What you hear will be hard
But if you so wish
I will deal you a card

You are the force behind a bullet
Destined to the chest of a child
You are the tears of a woman
Whose husband has beaten her wild
You are the glint of light
On a blade
As it enters the heart of another
You are the darkest desire
To kill your own brother
You are a soul filled with fire
Stacking body after body
Upon a great pyre
You are the ticking of a bomb
Strapped to the chest of a martyr
As he enters the realm
Of the peace loving worshipper
You are the white suit of a Nazi
Opening a can of Zyklon B
To pour down onto the Jews
Who are trying to flee
You are a homeless young girl
Huddled beneath a tree
You are the nuclear waste
Pouring into the sea
You are a thousand broken bodies
Scattered in the desert sands
Left only to die
You are a drop of innocent blood
Trickling down a mothers hands
As she reaches up for answers
From a godless empty sky

Stop, he cries
No more

Stay a while good sir
If you would listen
There is more

You are the healing hands of a nurse
Out on the battlefield
You are the brave soul
Who gave up her life
To save others
As a willing bullet shield
You are the beating hearts
Of young lovers
Strolling in the light of the moon
You are the tearful wave of a parent
Whose children have grown up too soon
You are the final loving kiss
To a dying cancer victim
Before they leave this life
You are the first kiss
From a proud father
To his newborn baby
Cradled in the arms
Of his exhausted wife

Sir, you are humanity
You are evil
You are good
Yet both sides of the coin
Bleed the same colour blood
But what I cannot see
Are you a blank page
Or a pre-written story
That transcends through the age
Hoping for glory

She looks up to see his face
But sees just an empty space
The phantom in the cloak has gone
From the clairvoyants place
Back out into the world
He wanders alone
As the human race

Topic(s) of this poem: humanity

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Poem Submitted: Monday, November 30, 2015

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