Ritu Shah

The Date On The Calendar - Poem by Ritu Shah

The date on the calendar
looked a little familiar-
What could it be he thought?
no occasion he remembered.
It wasn’t their anniversary,
not his son’s birthday either,
no important meeting he had today,
then what made the day look so special?

Curiously, his mind
wandered through the books of past.
Something important for the day
had he ever planned?
Oh yes! it clicked
but he tried not to recall.
Some pages of life
better be unknown.

She was the most
pretty girl he had ever met.
Her eyes, her laughter
had stolen his heart away.
It was the last day of the college
when he had decided to tell her -
what she meant to him,
without her, he would die forsaken…
After many rehearsals
and a lot of courage
He walked up to her
to say the unsaid..
She responded with
the most divine smile ever.
A quiet yes was said
and his hand held hers.
It was the best day of his life,
he had all he wanted.
He showed it off to the world
the love he was gifted.
But as the days passed
their relationship changed
so did their priorities
and they chose to separate ways.

A big chapter of his life
flashed like a story today
and he wondered
how relations in life change every day.
Once, who was his life
is nowhere on his life’s course
and who stayed unknown all these years
is now so very close.
What his life is today
was once his biggest fear.
Its still very beautiful
though it went into an unexpected gear.
How he went through relationships
and out of each he learnt a new lesson.
What once seemed very random,
is now moving in perfect rhythm.
The date on the calendar
looked a little familiar
telling him what never was so important in life
and what he should not lose further....

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, December 13, 2009

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