The Death Of Hector

I'll not attempt the task
Of the Iliad to relate;
But I will tell of Hector
And how he met his fate.

The Trojan war was o'er,
With glowing chariot wheels
The Greeks were driving madly
The Trojans from the field.

The Trojans fled for safety
To wall which they had planned;
They heard the voice of Priam;
High on the wall he stands.

'O, wanderer, haste!' he cried.
'Pray open wide the gate,
Unless the fleeing Trojans
This day will meet their fate.'

The watchman seized the gate,
So swift at Priam's command,
And all was in and safe,
But Hector outside stands.

He stood in mad confusion.
With fury in his eye,
And there to meet Achilles,
Though he is doomed to die.

His aged father saw him;
He stood upon the wall;
With withered hand he beat his breast,
With feeble lips he called:

'O, Hector, son, pray enter;
Save us from grievous woes.'
But Hector would not harken,
And then the gate was closed.

He saw the army coming,
As whirlwinds great with speed,
And great Achilles leading
By two white foaming steeds.

The chariot glows with fire;
Ah, Hector meets his eyes,
And they go rushing swiftly
As racers for a prize.

Achilles' horse is swiftest;
The race he seems to gain;
And hand to hand in battle,
Ah, Hector, low is slain.

And after they had killed him,
The brutal scene of all—
He's fastened to the chariot
And dragged around the wall.