Micah Krahn

The Discovery - Poem by Micah Krahn

by Micah Krahn

In a quiet shire, in the southern Province of Thaltik on the tip of The Chieftan Mountains. where the Imperial Kalatihgs and Riftmen keep watch over the Thaltik thoroughfare.

The faraway town of Thalnica bordered between the Chieftan Mountains and the Icillian Mountains had seen its share of ageless and winless wars even from a distance, the ravaged bareness of contention still followed within the scent of its aroma.

Thalnica was an important vantage point in the Icillian Isles, as it was the first and only outpost located between the Two Giants. It was said from legendary tale that; two giant brothers of Rock and Stone; one called the Chieftan and the other Icillian. They fought their last battle versus each other, as their spirits fell from the heavens, so they did also. And their bodies fell upon the earth with a climactic earth-shattering thundering clap and as they perished side by side that's where the passageway to Thalnica became known as The Two Giants.

Thalnicans felt secure in their surroundings as their village sat steadfast in place, with glorious views of the Icillian Isles in the front, Chieftan on the left and Icillian on the right. Nothing awaited hostile forces in the rear but a steep mountainous trek downwards.

The population of this little township, was little more than four hundred strong. And upon this little ole' hamlet is where this tale takes place. For within all this rich and diplomatic history. Our fabled chronicle begins as such, and is not of one wealthy or wise Thalnican but of a young lad who by pure chance came upon a discovery of a lifetime.

Peronitus was the Captain of the Riftmen guard, not much is known about this man. Other than the verity that he had but one son and not but two wives. His wives bear no particular mention to this adherent proclamation except that of one, the younger of the two he shared his favour with her the most. Perhaps it was because she was kind to him and listened to him more intently than the other did, for this reason only her name was scriptured to be noted. Helena was her name and perhaps the only only important relevance this has to our story is that she is the mother of our young hero.

Peron, was a small gamin. By no way did he think of himself as extraordinary and yet he was no more than four years young. He enjoyed the simple pleasures in life, walking and playing beside the town's only riverlet beside the passageway of the two giants. On one particular spring morning, he arose with delight in his heart and joyfulness in his soul, he had remembered that the day before Peronitus had promised to teach him something new. Father was going to teach him how to fish today he thought, near the riverlet his father was already at the riverbank preparing the lines with bait. Reaching downwards toward his tackle box he baited another hook, looked up and saw Peron with a huge grin on his face, smiling from ear to ear.

He smiled back. He came over to his son. Lifted him to the sky and exclaimed to the guards nearby that his son was the best blessing the gods had bestowed upon him in this world, the guards took note of this.

Peron and his father didn't get to spend a lot of time together, Peronitus was always busy commanding the guard but of what little time he did have he chose to spend it with Peron. Helena cherished these moments in her heart. Seeing them so happy to be in each other's company was the best thing she could have ever hoped for. Finally a family, worth being a part of!

Peron started baiting the hooks and asked his father if he could find a spot to snag a fish away from the prying eyes of the guards. His father agreed, but cautioned him to not go very far and stay within sight and earshot.

Agreeing upon this, his lad wandered away from his father's side, Peron did not go very far, perhaps no more than a fathom's throw from the steady gaze of his papa.

He found his spot near an old aging tree, when all of a sudden he heard a strange sound, a faery song perhaps? He knew what faeries were as he was born at the Lighthouse of the Whispering Pines as a small babe and seen the Niques training the dragonflies there. They were no more real than the nose on Peron's face. He thought it was an elegant beautiful voice whomever it belonged to. So without any further ado, he secured his fishing lines near the olde tree he was near his fishing spot. Following the voice which trailed up the riverbank no more than a few yards from his fishing gear.

He came upon an olde intricate tree stump with an unfastened door attached to it. Carefully opening it he saw a multitude of faeries joyfully singing to the heavens, gracefully he gently touched one of them, who looked back into his eyes and smiled. As he climbed up the stump toward the unhinged door, the faeries began to flutter out and amongst him. Awe flooded in his eyes as he relished this new experience. As they fluttered away, singing and filling the heavens with their graceful and majestic melodies. Peron's eyes fell upon a gaze which was upon what the faeries had been gently sitting on.

Untouched by age infinitium; was a golden scroll of moirai. His young eyes had never seen such beauty in a sculpted masterpiece, of the gods he had thought, who else could have put it there for him to find? Grabbing it, weightlessly it remained unbothered by its new placement. The Parchment of Infinitium was what it was called, but the insignia meant little to Peron, who was just learning how to read and knew nothing of what it meant. Inside the scroll, was a golden quill in which to write on the golden papyrus.

Shouting with delight, he ran to his father and showed his discovery to him. Bewildered and disbelieving, Peronitus opened the scroll and saw the beauty which unfolded. He then took the scroll to the High Queen of Icillia, Victyria. Because of her royal bloodlines, only she was the only person entitled to uncover the secrets which lay beneath the golden ink of the Parchment of Infinitium. Little was known at the time about this artifact, so when Vectyria opened the scroll, the golden quill magically wrote that the scroll would only speak to Peron, and not the unenlightened.

The Queen was furious, she ordered it to be destroyed but it couldn't be destroyed. So it was to be kept in the royal palaceuntil Peron became of age. At age 15, Peron became the youngest heir to the Icillian Isles.

The idea the towns people came to understand about the enlightened scrolls of proclamation is that the magic scrolls would only respond to the person who discovered it. Whatever was written on the scroll, would become truth. As Peron would age, Lord Horan of the Icilian Isles would name him his heir as Peron would become the most influential person in the world of Solaria, and within his shire of the Icillian Isles.

And so we depart from this extraordinary tale...

We have not seen the last of this young hero, so do not let your hearts be troubled, perhaps when the pirate lord Rouve takes upon the waves of the Icillian Isles, perhaps only then will we then see or hear upon what legendary tales of Peron, the boy who became enlightened.

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