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The Girl With The Hot Pink Handlebars - Poem by Bagel Bro

She rides her fixed gear white bicycle when she can't find a ride to her friend's house. She has no drivers license, few close friends, a negative attitude about higher education, and is a former drug dealer. Her hair bleach blonde, her skin pale, and her makeup always black eyeliner. Her outfits consist mainly of jean shorts, white sneakers with a hot pink Nike swoosh, and a baggy t-shirt belonging to someone else that swallows her short body. She rarely leaves her house without her brown leather fanny pack equipped with a taser, a spray paint can, and a coin purse. Rarely having cash, she only pays in nickels and dimes. Her favorite meal is fried chicken and a large Coke zero. She doesn't take many showers and shaves her legs every few months. She says she has no one to impress. Her experiences in jail leave her with a tough guy attitude about life. She never backs down and hates almost everyone. 'I hate her' or 'I hate him' you'll often hear her say while her face contorts into its usual grimace.
She tells stories of how she was nice as a child but had a problem with bullying which led her to become more selfish and lack faith in others. Alike to the hot pink handlebars on her bike, she stands out - obviously craving attention and wanting acceptance. Hot pink and fierce. You'd think that it'd be her favorite color but it's not. Her favorite color is purple, which she constantly advertises when she wears her favorite purple t-shirt with her favorite animal, a unicorn, on it. She definitely likes being different because all she sees is flaws in the world. I used to consider her one of my best friends although recently I've realized she's not the best influence for me to be hanging around with but I still make sure I see her from time to time. I hope only the best for her; the girl with the hot pink handlebars.

Topic(s) of this poem: best friend, bicycle, pink, purple, short, unicorns

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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