The Hardest Thing I've Ever Done Poem by Lindy Jean Kleinhans

The Hardest Thing I've Ever Done


Loving you so much, but from a distance.
Wanting to hug you in public but can't.
A peck on the cheek, I'm persistent.
I couldn't, I wouldn't demand.

I have had many trials and tribulations.
But none that can compare,
To the quiet love I have to give
It really isn't fair

I look at you and wonder
I want to touch your face
My heart is with you every day
In that quiet little place

I have endured and suffered
I've transformed a time or two
I've been through hell and back again
Then the universe shows me you

I've climbed the biggest mountains
I scratched and clawed my way
For all I knew was loneliness
And fair he did not play

I've wished upon a star
Many many moons ago
For a man to light my heart and soul
Cause THIS sadness he would know

This is the hardest thing,
I've ever had to do.
Keep watching from a distance
Only having some of you.

This is the hardest thing,
I'm ever to endure
And having parts or snippets
Just wants me want you more

You've spun a web so tight
You wrapped your arms around
You never realized just how much
My heart has now been bound.

This isn't easy, we can't pretend
What has happened we must comprehend.
Our loneliness would slowly mend.
Is this the way it should be spent?

I've walked this life alone so long,
I cared not what they said,
For reasons beyond comprehend
Your always in my head

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