The Homes Of Joy Poem by Edgar Albert Guest

The Homes Of Joy

I LIKE the homes where a Teddy Bear
Monopolizes the best arm chair,
Where the sofa a rag doll occupies
And a train of cars in the corner lies;
For those are the signs that the home is glad
With a little girl or a little lad.

Give me the home that is all upset,
Where neatness isn't forever met,
Where a parlor floor isn't always straight
With its rugs in place. That's as grim as Fate.
I want a home that is strewn with toys
Denoting the presence of girls and boys.

Let me gaze on buggies and Teddy Bears,
And dolls asleep in the company chairs;
Let me see in the corner, when I come in,
A battle front of soldiers tin
And a train of cars in a twisted heap,
And I'll know that the youngsters are sound asleep.

And I'll be glad that you've let me come
To the home of trumpet and horn and drum,
To the happy haunts where the children play,
I'll be glad of the toys that are in my way;
My house is childless and neat, and yet
My heart with its toys still remains upset.

Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Albert Guest

Birmingham / England
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