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The Human Race - Poem by Del a.k.a. Abe Jones

Finally something that makes sense
From the floor of the U.S. Senate
Hopefully, (though it's doubtful)
Maybe, they are finally gonna get it!

The people of our Nation
Are sick and tired of the game
They promise us and they lie
And it's always just the same.

They waste hours, days, and months
With their petty, childish fights
Instead of doing what they're paid for
Protecting our American Rights.

They let the lobbies dictate to them
The big money pays their way
They 'work' a couple days a week
Anticipating, their next holiday.

Our government is quickly failing
While, we the people, just stand by
Someday, when it all collapses
Will be too late, to ask, 'Why? '

The arrogance of our leaders (?)
Who disregard, the rule of law
Who think, they are above it
As we look on, in shock and awe.

'Shock and awe', another name
For the deep, quagmire of Iraq
A sad page in World history
It's too bad, we can't take it back.

No sense, citing all the numbers
Of the senseless human cost
No use talking about the families
And all, that they have lost.

We shouldn't talk about the reasons
We were told, why we must go
We just sat back and believed it
Because those trusted, told us so.

We can't blame one party or the other
Or those on the left or right
The red states or the blue states
If, we the people, lose the fight.

We've forgotten what we stand for
We've let the dollar, buy our soul
Fear and indifference rule our day
Self preservation is the goal.

We let our neighbors go hungry
Ignore the seniors and homeless
Have millions with no health care
As for education? We care less!

They don't really care about us
And spend our Social Security
There's no law about income tax
But, they tax us all illegally.

The cost and waste of energy
Is something they condone
And a lot of them are getting rich
If the full truth, be known.

Drug companies and the HMOs
Drain us dry before we pass
Homeland Security and FEMA
Has become, a hopeless morass.

Our pets and people have been poisoned
Our safety, sold to the Chinese
We won't have to fight them off
They'll just buy us, easy as you please.

Our jobs are sent to foreigners
And illegal aliens, take the rest
Where did all that pride go
That, made us, the best of the best.

We took all of it for granted
We put our trust in Washington
We thought they'd do right by us
And now, must pay for what we've done.

And then, there's ol' Mother Earth
There's some believe it and some don't
But, if we might slow the 'warming'
It's stupid, to say that, 'We won't! '

If you stop, and think about it
Ask, 'What thing, have humans done,
To make this Earth a little better? '
It will be hard, to think of one.

This World was once, a perfect place
Then, there came, the human race!

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  • (10/12/2007 4:45:00 PM)

    Human beings have done nothing to make this world a better place
    They are not interested in the world
    They are interested in themselves
    And human beings are becoming more greedy every day

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