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The Last Chance

Poem by unknown poet

How it was so hard to know that you used to lie? !
How it felt so bad to tell you goodbye? !
How dare you asking me for another try? !
Aren't you shy? !
That you still deny!

I saw you with another girl
I saw you with my own eyes
I thought you were different
But sadly, you are like all the other guys

I saw you in the car
How it hurts me a very deep scar? !
I still remember this moment
I still remember your face
I still remember the look in your eyes
I still remember everything
The date, the time, and the place

I still remember her name
Sarah.. With your trembling voice
It breaks through me.. It burns my flame
But remember.. Leaving you was not my choice
But it is not the time to blame
I thought you were special
But you are like all the other guys
Lairs.. you are all the same

But god never covers the truth
I thank god
that I discover the reaL you
To know that you weren't faithful, honest or true
Now, I feel so blue
What shall I do?
How could I pass this through?
I have no clue!

I'm lost.. So helpless
Like in a deep ocean.. sinking
I'm terribly tired from thinking
I never felt like this before
So confused.. so depressed.. unbelievably shocked
Should I trust him once more?
Forgive him and open my heart's door?
Or keep it forever locked?

Leaving you was the last thing I would ever expect
But you were the reason
You know I love you so much
And you know that my love to you I always protect
You know that I hold on you
Even if i was wrong in loving you
And all the world against me are correct
I know you love me too
But before love.. there must be respect

I can't Imagine
How could you love me so much as you said
And hide from me any little secret? !
I thought you were perfect
But you were a fake
To come back to you
Is a very hard step for me to take
Because you've done a forbidden mistake

To forgive you.. I must be able to forget
And to forget.. it would take me so long
I know that now you really regret
And you know that you were wrong

But why should I believe your words?
Why should I believe that you've changed?
Why should I believe?
When all you do is decieve?
Why should I stay?
When all you do is betray?

Tell me
How could I stop my fear?
How could I feel you near?
How could I trust you again?
I'm going Insane!

You asked me for a second chance
And now I will give you a second & a last chance
Take it or leave it
It's all in your hand
Please don't waste it
I love you.. Please understand!

If you ever lie to me again
I'll be gone forever
If this would ever happen again
It will be all OVER
we will never be together.. NEVER! !
And you know I'm strong & I can do it! ! !

30 January 2001

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, June 8, 2006

Poem Edited: Friday, March 16, 2007