The Laughter That Makes Me Smile Poem by Cristobal Benjumea

The Laughter That Makes Me Smile

you are laughter

you are mybeautiful but necesary dew, beauty of love

you are the music of the spheres

the eyes on the bridges

i habituate to simple mirages

devoted i enter your kindom as a pygmy

humble servant of the vission


only apreciating joy

having acertained joy from sorrow

having drunk juliets tears

havingdesiredthe oasis rather than hell

havid been kidnaped by love

my heart stolen

the throne of love cursed me

but im am pasionate by great beauty

i am happy never sad

love fills me with happynes as i lay in the rose bed

the lord purges the bad spirits from my inner heaven

in the garden flowers conspire to satisfy the satmake him s= laugh and sing enraptured


possesed with happynes

but i have been habituated to love

i search your presence in the forest

i find a harp whose music charms me into you

inside i desire you

not the undersirable

but to the end of the begining of the suns future reign

lasting like images in my mind, descriptions of you.

will i know you

will i pluck treasure out of your tree

i won't shy away

i will reveal myself in the meadow under the lake

reveal your beauty

i am the key to the lock

that reveals the secret garden

because you and i would do anything for love

you the mountain that gives birth to the pure stream

sometimes i wait for you in the forest, with feeling the heat of the vibrant embers of a, sacrifice on the altar of love

where it is quiet and there are just echoes of you, then i see the landscape and i can hear everything

i never want that laughter to end.

i want it to end in your arms

i have the key to the palace

i trust the fire to burn endlessly

light the way to your bower

the snowflakes fall in winter

spring has redemption for me

i pluck my favourite daysies in the green meadow

where i wait for you

untill you come, when you come, bring ambrosia

i will give you jewels

satisfy your need, curiosity about the stories that run the world memories that arouse our melancholy, and we melt

as we dance round the fountain.

stories the gods tell

secrets of you hearts content

i dont know where they are going, they go out then they go home

like the spring river goes through the forest to the salt sea/

the are quick like fireworks

the vibrant coloured fish swim wildly, like your waist

ive waited for you long

never disrespecting the tiny details on the way to your home

danced in the waltz of secrets

has your feast begun

i lift your veil to reveal you

the beautifull

yo who change things for ambrosia

my curiosity is endless seaching for sensuality

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