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The Little Girl And The Dark Bad Man At The Place Of The Blood - Poem by oluwakemi amusan

There once was a little girl
Like every girl her age
She liked the fine things
But each time they came her way,
They always went away

It came to a time
She needed to bond with a fine thing
And then came one of the best fine things in the world
The little girl was so happy to have it
And she really did like it
But as it would happen
The fine thing went away like they always did

She cried, oh she cried
But the fine thing was never coming back
And then she prayed
But it took a while
Before another fine thing came along
She thought it was for real this time
She cherished the fine thing
And practiced all that the book thought
But fate wasn’t having it
As the fine thing fled again this time
Without so much as a goodbye

The little girl was dismayed
But there was nothing she could do
All her friends were hooking up with their own fine things
And the little girl appeared not to have anything going for her
Again she prayed
But no fine thing came

The only thing that was just a little close to having one
Were some good people that came her way
And when she relayed her story
They knew a bad dark man
Who always tormented little girls
Was behind her plight

So they took her to a very historic place
Called the place of the blood
At that place she learnt a lot
But mostly
she learnt that indeed
she was more powerful than the dark bad man
because a victory had been won for her
at that place of the blood
by the man who died
and therefby paid her price in full
so she might be free to live

with that knowledge in her
she thought she was free
And when a really fine thing came along again
One which she deeply loved
the dark bad man reared his head again
And the little girl panicked

But then she remembered her experience at the place of the blood
And she remembered her victory and the freedom she was entitled to
So she rebuked the dark bad man
And saw him for the coward he was
As he fled from her
And her fine thing and she lived happily ever after.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, September 17, 2013

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