Rudy Puentes

The Lone Wolf And The Cage

There is a wolf who is faithful, reliable
and always does what is told
who would never wish no harm on any1
whose got a heart of gold

but this wolf tends bite
off more than he can chew
he can't say no
so what else is he to do

he was trained to say yes
because no would leave an ill feeling
a feeling that cannot go
away and is immune to any type of healing

he does his best to please everyone,
his best to make everyone happy,
but in the end
it is he who feels crappy

he bites his tongue
so that he doesn't start a battle with the leader of the pack,
but he can only take so much,
its only a matter of time before he finally snaps back

he always thought of himself
to be the outcast of the pack,
he thought he would never amount to nothing,
never being able to break away from this pack

but then one day
he met this beautiful and free wolf who flipped his world upside-down
who made him realize and accept things he hadn't before,
who got rid of his frown

the leader of the pack isn't happy of this lone wolf
changing the thoughts of the wolf in her pack
so she would limit them to how much they could see each other,
well with this the young wolf of the pack began to crack

he feels like he is locked away in a cage
and is allowed out only on a leash,
he is becoming restless,
and in need to be released

he has the chance
to become the leader of his own pact,
to be happy and move on
but the leader isn't ready for him to be gone.

She has to let go
in order for the wolf in the cage to grow
no good will come
if he isn't released from this cage,
all that is gonna happen
is it will intensify his rage

he loves that lone wolf
with all his heart
and he never ever wants
for them to be apart

but unfortunately if he isnt released,
the lone wolf will remain a lone wolf,
and the young wolf of the pack will continue living life
in a cage and a short leash

Poem Submitted: Monday, August 15, 2011
Poem Edited: Tuesday, August 16, 2011

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