Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

The Maiden - Poem by Justin Reamer

When I walk along the shore
With the starry night sky,
I think of the beautiful maiden
With the bright aura,
An aura so extravagant that one cannot miss it.
She is a maiden of pure beauty,
One who is flawless and perfect,
One who whispers in your ear,
And you know it's her,
For there is only one like she.
The maiden is so special,
She warms up the night;
She makes everything joyous,
And everything so much fun.

I can see her this very instant,
Different from anyone else,
She is loved and adored,
And cherished at the same time.
Her long brown hair goes
Down her back in curls,
Like mane on a beautiful mare.
The hair is soft and velvet-like
That when she holds you,
You know you are loved.
Her eyes, deep brown,
Yet full of life,
As if the sun shines through its cores,
Show liveliness and happiness,
That they show you their love.

Her smile, a beautiful one, is so elegant
It lights up the Room.
‘Tis so contagious that
No one can help but smile right back.
Her laugh is soft yet hearty,
A beautiful one at that.
The laugh is so contagious,
It makes one laugh, as well.
You know when you hear her laugh
That life will always be good.
For you will know that she is happy,
And life could never be better.

When you see her talking to her friends,
She is always smiling, and she always
Lets out a loose laugh for no apparent reason.
You learn to love it for what it is,
And that she will never get sad or angry.
For she always laughs when
She's stressed out or nervous or anxious.
It's cute to see her smiling,
So kindly, and so brightly.
You know she will be happy,
All the time, no matter what.
When you see her smile,
You know your heart will pump.
It beats ten times faster,
Where it happens to skip a beat.
You can help all but smile.

It's great to see the maiden,
The maiden of the morning,
The maiden who lights the sky.
It's great to see her happy,
To know that she is glad.
It lights up my day,
As she is like the morning sun.
She always leads to warmth in the afternoon,
For you know that she is
Warm around everyone and everything.
I am glad that she is happy,
Cannot be happier still.
She is the maiden I can remember,
For time has always foretold.

Hail the maiden!
For she has the goal to pursue.
She has discipline,
And she strives for intelligence,
And will work hard to whatever extent.
Hail the maiden!
For she won't give up, no matter what.
She strives to never forget.
Her zeal cannot be forgotten,
For she will stand to the obstacles.

I will remember the maiden,
For who she will always be.
I will remember her greatness,
For she cannot be forgotten.
I will remember her brightness,
The way she shined in the dark.
I will remember her happiness,
And that great, sweet laugh.
I will remember her beauty,
That is, overall, unique.
I will remember her attitude,
Which will never change.
I will remember her heart,
For I know she will never give up.
Hail the maiden!
She has striven for so long.
She will never give up,
And her spirit will not be broken.
To this, I plea,
She will never be forgotten;
She is in my memory forever.

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