Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

The Maniac - Poem by Justin Reamer

Inside the room, in which I sit, is my patient, sitting next to me,
On one side is solid wall, and the other a mirror,
I see myself in it and my patient as well,
But the question is does my patient
See himself, looking into the mirror.
I see reality all around me
Everywhere I looked,
I know everything is true, whether I liked it or not;
My patient, however, is my worry,
My woe, if you will. He is my patient, and I his psychologist.
My patient has a story,
A long one that might be. But it can be summarized if you would only listen.
My patient is a maniac, as people liked to call him;
He is insane in a way, if you looked at him. The truth is that
He is a schizophrenic, diagnosed at birth. He lives in his own world,
Another galaxy or universe. Now, he is on medication, and he is not so psychotic,
So, he can tell me things he sees in his own time. He tells me the quotes he says,
The creatures he sees, the voices he hears. He tells me the tastes he tastes, the scents
He smells, the emotions he feels. All in all, he gets down to it, influencing my imagination.
Once he talks, he grips my arm, and reels me out of my world. He brings me to my
Imagination, his world for the past 30 years. He lives in a world called Necropyre,
In a universe parallel to ours. It is a rather big realm, full of colors and different things.
Creatures live there, creatures we do not see on Earth,
Creatures of horrifying strength, that we would be extinct.
I saw the grapters, giant reptilian things; very horrifying they were,
I could not describe it. He took me around his realm,
Describing everything to me. It was like reliving the Divine Comedy, in which
I was Dante himself. He showed me the good people, the peaceful tribe of Octaywah,
He showed me how peaceful they were, and how they lived in utopia. Then there were
The tormenters the Raging Corius; they always tormented the tribe, and stole everything
They had. He showed me how they took the products back to their king, and how they took
A sacrifice. They fed one of the Octaywah to an evil sea serpent, one by the name of Kreevus.
Life in the realm was a complete horror; he always fought for survival. That's why so many
People wound up dead, lying on the floor. Life was primitive in his realm,
Seeming so uncivilized. I could not understand it,
With something like the United States. He always fought every day with different
Random people, just for his survival. I looked and saw everything he had to explain,
Seeing everything he showed me. I contemplated everything, as he walked with
Me. I then decided to leave his realm, seeing how it was freaky. He lived in a different universe,
Different from ours. I saw how he was different, different from us all. His "reality" is different,
Different from ours. That's why he is a maniac, a lunatic of sorts. His life is unreal, according
To the correspondence theorists. So, all I can say is that maybe he's insane,
For that's what doctors tell me, but truth be told, I think he's different,
Just like one of us. No matter what the mass says, I don't really care,
He is still one of us, and no one can object.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I wrote this poem from inspiration from people with true creativity. This is also to recognise people with mental disorders, such as schizophrenia.

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