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The Search For Different - Poem by Prithwish Biswas

What is superhero? There are many meaning of this word. Firstly, the one is a bullshit person wearing colorful underwear. Or someone who is really crraaaazzzyyyyy about action comics and superheroes movies like Spawn, batman, superman and comedy one captain underpants (but let me tell you imitating those things can really summon death in front of you) . Maybe I'd leave that one, and next to real one-"A hero can be anyone even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a little boy shoulder to let him know that the world had not ended (FROM THE FILM BATMAN DARK KNIGHT RISES) .WOW! That is something which will be loved by all of the philosophical girls (who are really philosophical) .well this sentence brings out beautiful meaning any one can be a hero even man who is alone in his life and wanted to good to other no matter what is going to happen.
There are 10 steps to be a hero.
1. Asking yourself what to be and what not to be
2. Understand the meaning of life, your name, feel yourself why you are here
3. Have a confidence in yourself let the world say to you whatever they want.
4. Feel the attraction towards the whole thoughts of your mind and the environment.
5. Always have skills, perfect plans to achieve a goal.
6. Remember you're everything than a fashion buff. So, be you but little changes can't hurt.
7. Vengeance isn't justice.
8. The most important thing is believe in you.
9. Have a gratitude
10. Ask a wish, imagine that there is a genie and also think that he is saying your wish is my command.BUT when you've completed both things you've to receive it(in a positive way) .
So, these are some steps to be heroes.
In the real life we don't need super power. Well, the problem is when anything is different people starts to spread fear or sometime they make it a joke (which is necessary) .First, we need is bravery, courage, skills and agility but mostly we need is using our best tool -"brain". Becoming a hero there'd be a true thought in which it can make us different from other by action or by the words.
Well, there is no perfect explanation for this question. That's why there is creation of word "unique" (I believe) .There is no possible equation for uniqueness. There is a way we can realize unique which is very difficult. Well, sometime we are lucky to find it that he/she is different than others in one way or the other way. There is poetic estimation which is in this way: -
In the world of destruction, one learns to reconstruct
In the world of hate, one learns to love
In the world of fear, one learns to courage
In the world of stand, one learns to move.
No, we always can't call unique as superheroes. In the story there is always a hero and a villain in which we can say there are two sides of coin. They are same but some differences are present.

1. Hero can learn to save but a villain learns to erase.
2. Sometimes, villain can be strong and he learns the easiness of death but a hero may not be strong he learns to survive by not giving up.
3. A hero learns to make friends but villain learns to make slaves and killers.
4. Villain learns only vengeance and weapons but a hero learns only redemption and tools.

(According to me this is a very stupid in way and the other way it is reallyyyyyyyy a strong, strong question in which it would take 1000s of generations to answer this question in a simple manner.) In today's world if any villain's story is going on we tell it anti -hero. There is an exception in the stories of heroes when he/she started to change towards something which is not much good but great or which could be tragic, deception, identity crisis etc., etc. They can be both destroy or change the world with or without their even notice. Their life is sometimes like the tiger or sometimes like the butterfly; it is true that people's mind can't really be understood. But the normal people would never want to understand. There can't really be any necessity for perfect hero there is always estimation for perfect hero but this never happened.
In many ancient stories where princes or princesses are present it was said that the heroes are born. Well, the reason is when particular person sees that child from tender age or from a certain age; they learn the part of the real life. For example "until you know the reason fighting for you cannot know what you've sacrificed for.
Today's generation there are many stories that prove heroes/villains are made.
Well, scientifically both theories have been proved.
In ancient days, people thought that those children are greater whose learning ability faster than others.
In today's generation with the help of neurology, psychology, and by crores of examinations proved that those kids spent in isolation thinking about the world on their own. According to neurologist when any child is isolated and concentrating only on his thoughts, philosophy, and ideas.

There's no possible explanation. This question always kept me awake in night. Maybe that's why I used to read superheroes fight or in movies I used to watch heroes doing great deeds. Sometimes also watching them dying for great sacrifices. This is the question, only question that came in the age of 10 differently again and again. But I couldn't write this answer. In this question I don't care people to understand this but maybe someday someone will find this answer. I can say one thing that people are born unique in their own way but according to evolution to revolution we find that we take that uniqueness to a next level. A level to which we still don't know. This we can't do right way so sometime some people are born to guide us in one way or other. These people don't take their ideas from nature or from their part of a lifestyle. Because they see the world as different even if the world is getting destroyed. There's the strange thing usually people try to find their answer from past or from books but they take those don't. People usually try to escape the obstacle but they walk with the obstacles always will be haunted by that but they won't back away. These people don't see what weapon they use, they make or discover their own weapon and that‘s the different thing whereas others use same weapons years after years. And if you're talking about their life everything is normal like other but the thing is they're the one who is different. They can't be judged. I end it with a statement saying there is no failure or no successor there is only one thing that is being waiting for an opportunity, making rules or standing on the success of hill looking in the past and thinking how did he created a history.

Written by -Prithwish Biswas.

Topic(s) of this poem: epical, heroism

Form: Epic

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