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The Search For Paradise - Poem by larry Philosopher


The bird got up from the depths of hell
With a 100 mysteries by its side
The bird got up from its sleep
With a thousand stories to tell
The bird got flying through the wind
It was not an ordinary bird
For the mysteries of the Universe
Were locked in it’s inside
Though it did not know this fact
Flying through the window
Migrating through the air
Now at dawn and sunshine
With a thousand stories to tell
Now, this is my story.


Long long ago
In the land of Remasun
A beautifull bird
Lived in the jungle
He had brilliant feathers
And he could sing and wither
He stood by the beach of Remasun
And said it wanted to know Paradise
And then a voice said in the sky
Let me show you paradise
So it flew into the sky


Now it grew blind for sometime
But after sometime it could see
And the voice gave it a new name
The name of the bird was Kikuyu
It flew into the clouds
And rode on the rainbow
It flew into the clouds
From where it saw the sons of men
Now, it flew from town to town
Now it flew from country to country
Till it came to Babylon
That land that Nebuchadnezzar once ruled
In all it’s beauty and glory
And when it saw Babylon
It said this is where i belong
Armed with my desires
That strecht into time and eternity


Now lightning struck in the skies
And the bird grew tired
And so it landed in Babylon
In front of a man named Samidon
Samidon lay under a tree
Eating an apple
As the bird landed nearby
Now this bird was a wonder
And Samidon stared and pondered
And the man spoke unto the bird
Where do you come from and what are you?
The bird looked and said
“I come from the lands beyond eternity to speak of heaven and the golden streets”
Now Samidon could see as he was a mystic
“Follow me to the kings palace, for your wonders deserve to be seen”
And the bird walked on the streets of Babylon
And all men gazed at Kikuyu’s glory
Like that of the gods from the stars


At last the bird was in front of the great king
So written about in the holy writs
That emperor Nebuchadnezzar
Who wore golden clothes
That shone like the sun
“Tell me of where you come from
And who are you from? ”
Said the great King
“Oh great King,
Now, the Universe even speaks to me
Of a time of the great sages
And i cannot but speak of the voice
That speaks to me
Every morning from on high”
Kikuyu said


Now Nebuchadnezzar looked with glee
As the bird told tales
That seemed as true as the gospel
And the light of the voice shone on him
And so for a moment
Transformed to an angel
Out of his shoulder
Grew wings as golden as heaven
And he saw heaven’s mysteries
And all the kings officials
Looked at him with amazement
And as the bird sang
It seemed time went back and forth


Now Nebuchadnezzar
You can see paradise with me
Said the strange bird
And then Nebuchadnezzar
Changed back into a man
And he like the bird
Sang songs of time, mysteries and the Universe
Now Nebuchadnezzar finished his song
And then he said and swore
“I feel at one with the Universe
And God’s mysteries are in me”


Now Nebuchadnezzar stood and looked at the bird
With wonder and mysteries in it’s eyes
Comming from a distant land
To tell of times immortal
Now as the court looked and felt
A power lifted the bird in the air
And the bird lost its wings
And the bird said
Into the ground something different
Out of the generations something different
But i am the voice that makes something different
But all the men in court
Knew not what it meant


Now the bird flew to the ceiling
And it flew out of the window
Into the streets of Babylon
Singing songs that gladdened men’s hearts
And all the men looked at it
And this type it walked with majesty
On the streets of Nebuchadnezzar’s city
With the men sitting under trees
Wondering what it was
Some said it was from the sky
Some said it was from the grave
Yet even more said it was from the netherworlds
But it sang into mens hearts
And made men mad with their hates and desires


Now, out of its mouth came mystic waters
Flowing like water down river Nile
And the men shouted at it
With the voice of a multitude
But it thundered back
With the voice of Mighty thunder
And the men were afraid
But Kikuyu spoke and said
Now men, don’t be afraid
For the water from my mouth is like
The water from the golden streets,
Healing your souls


Now, the water sparked with life
And foamed like it was hot
But then it was not hot
And so the men came to this river
And drank from it
And there hearts were filled with laughter
Like that of man who was drunken
And their souls were filled with joy
A joy that is but divine
And Babylon was shaken to the ground
With shouts of joy
Besides the river of joy and life


Now all of Babylon gathered to listen to the bird
But then a glorious light shone in the sky
And the hand of the divine waved goodbye
And it heard a voice which said
Come up here
And the Universe Exploded
And all the people watched in glee
Now to other lands it said
I must spread the story of time and the universe
And it looked on the earth
And all the people spread out
Like a tent


Now, time went bye as it flew in the sky
To the lands so far away
From the hearts of men
To seek a divine path to mankind
And it flew and flew in the sky
Until it’s wings grew tired
And then it landed overseas
In the land of Athens
And there under a tree it sat
Languishing for want of water
And singing a song of thirst


Now, the priests of Apollo
Sat in the temple at Athens
A bird will come they said
And it shall be called Kikuyu
Now, as they were talking
The priests looked and saw
And Behold Kikuyu through the window
And they waved there hands
And ran to meet it
As the men watched in amazement


Now, the men of Athens
Took him to their king
With royal stately honour
With a crown of gold on its head
And the King sat on his throne
Solon with all his might
And the bird sat in front of them all
And the men gazed with wonder in their eyes
And the chief priest spoke to them all
This is the bird i spoke of
And wonders shall happen in your sight


Now as the people looked in silence
The bird spoke
Give me water that i may drink
For my mouth is full of thirst
And the people gave it wine, water and bread
And it drank and ate
Till its heart was merry
And the King and the people spoke
Who art thou?
And from where thou commet from?
“Time is as constant as the Universe
And together they melt into the same reality
And life is as constant as time
And together they melt into reality
Into the oceans of eternity
And time is light and light is time”
So says the laws of the Universe
The bird said with wine in its mouth
And bread in its tongue


Now, the people were philosophers
And they wondered at what it said
And so they called Plato
That wise man of old
To listen to its strange mysteries
And the bird sang even greater songs
As it saw Plato in all its wisdom
“Now is the time for the recompense of men
Now is the time for the earth to sing
Now is the time for the mortal to be made immortal
Now is the beginning and end of all things
Now is to the times eternal
And the setting of the skies and moon
Now, Plato, Now speak your wisdom
For divinity calleth forth”
So mused the bird
Before Plato, the people and the king.


Ah, Plato said
For i understand its songs
For i think about such things all day
Can’t you see time and eternity
And then the bird
With its bold and polished beak
Pointed to the skies
And the sun dancing in the sky
And the sun spoke and said
“Everyday i go up and down in the skies
And i behold the iniquities of men’s hearts
And i have a book
Where I record men’s thoughts and deeds
And I will report you to the holy ones”
And all the people became afraid
And the king’s heart was filled with confusion


And suddenly, the Queen started dancing
With the King and all his people
And the people wondered if she was a seer
As she foamed with saliva in her mouth
And the king asked and said
Seer, what do you see?
For thous speaketh
Like a woman possessed by the gods
But the woman answered not
Rather, she danced and danced
And rolled on the floor
Like stone down a hill


And as the queen danced
The Bird shouted to the crowd
I must dance the dance of the holy ones
My heart must rejoice with mirth
I must tell tales of the beginning of creation
Let the woman in her trance
For i tell you she will soon recover
And the whole people looked in wonder
And when the queen finished her trance
She spoke up and said:
I have seen worlds too wonderful for me
Besides me stands the missing tree
With which man lost in paradise
And before me stands the evil tree
Which sent man out of paradise


And all the people shook
Not knowing what to think or say
And the eyes of Plato stood still
And his heart was in his mouth
And the bird stood still
Not a word came out of its mouth
And the people waited so eagerly
To hear about this mystic bird
And the mystic bird spoke and said
“I speak of a land so beautiful
That thou cannot see it with thine eyes
I speak of rivers of joy inexpressible
More beautiful than any in Greece
I speak of a language
That no one can understand
I speak of the present time
I speak of no time at all
I speak of glory and glory
I speak
Preakwea..pre pre pra
Preakwea.. pre pre pra
I speak a language only angels can understand”


Of which lands you speak up
Of the garden of eden and the desires of hell
Of hell, sin and paradise
Of the desires of the heart
Of the mysteries of eternity
So said the sun
As men stood amazed that the sun spoke
And Plato, looking at the sun said
“Thou majestic maiden
That glides through the skies
Thou art like a beautiful virgin
Catwalking through the Universe
And the gods make love to you everyday
I sing to you with my heart
Reveal your majestic wisdom to us”


And the sun danced in the sky
And spoke with a voice so musical
That not even Celine Dion
Or any living mortal
Can Sing, imitate or phantom
“Never you worry she said
For until time is no more
I will remain a great mystery
In the hearts of men”
And all the people looked at the bird
Wondering from where
And for what
It came for
And the bird feet twickled like a pea
And its heart sang merry songs
And it danced and swiggled


And as the people looked,
The bird raised its voice and said
“You do not have to worry
For the sun speaks once every 1000 years
And once every 1000 hearts
But it will not speak again
At least for this moment
In the history of time and the Universe”
And the people stood and looked
And Plato started thinking
He put his hands in his jaw
Thoughts of the Universe
Trickling upon his shoulder
Like the clock on the wall
And Plato in the midst of the crowd
Got up and said
“Now, my heart unites with yours
Like Adam did with Eve’s in the garden of Eden
And together we can achieve perfection
For i can hear the universe
Speaking a new language to me”


And the people with their hearts
Wanted to hear what Plato wanted to say
And Plato twitled and said
“For a moment, I can see
All of human history
Rolling up like a carpet
For a moment i can see
These words of mine made flesh
For a moment i can see
A light shining in the darkness
For a moment i can see
Divinity in the face of humanity
For a moment i can see
My heart grow dim
For a moment i can see
The tides of man and the changes of history
For a moment i can see
Human consciousness
Dissolving into God’s consciousness and awareness
For in a moment in time man is conscious
And then is forever lost in the eternal void”

And all around the throne
Clapped at what Plato said
And all around the throne
Whistled to the wind
The King was confused by everything
And he ordered his soldiers and mighty men
To take the bird to the palace
For great was the mysteries it foretold
But the priests of Apollo
And all the men that foretold
The coming of Kikuyu
Forbade them
“let us take it to the temple they said
For there the gods will honour it”
But the king was wrought and angry
My will will be done in Athens he thundered
And his voice sounded louder than thunder
And so the people heard and conjured
And the king took the bird in locks and chains
To the great palace of the great king
So that it will not escape
And fly again into eternity


And the bird was put in a cage
Where it was given
Golden tongues and golden claws
For the thoughts of its hearts
And the words of its mouth
Were thought more precious than gold

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