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The Shit They Put You Through

Rating: 1.5
This is how it works; I’ll walk you through
Step by step, the things they do

It starts as puppy love
Then you love them
And they don’t love you
The lies start with an “I love you”
And ends with an “I won’t hurt you”

They sweet-talk you for a while
Some do it for days, weeks, or months
Then somehow they get you alone, in a room
It starts as kissing and moves on from there

Then just like that, they get up and leave
You don’t see or hear from them for a while
You finally see him then hit him a slap for leaving you
He gets shamed in front of his friends, so he beast you

You go home crying, cry all day long
You try to forget him but you can’t
Then you get sick all the time for no reason
You get bad cramps during the day,
You start eating the weirdest things

Your best friend suggest a pregnancy test
But you say it can’t be possible
She says, you show all the symptoms
So you take the test
Then read it and weep

If you think it ends there your wrong
Because now you have to tell your parents
How to do it, worried you
Then you put on pounds quicker than the fattest person
So first you told your mother
She was upset but understanding,
Now it’s time to tell your father
Who’s nothing like mother at all so she offers to help

You’re glad because you don’t want to do it by yourself
Dad’s home and it’s time for dinner
You’re going to tell him then
But it’s a lot harder
You’re not eating because you’re scared
Dad notices and asks what’s wrong?
You freak and scream it out

You break into tears
Dad’s furious but tries to calm down
Mom comforts you
And dad leaves the room
You don’t know what he’s going to say
But you’re glad to get that out of the way
But you have another decision to make
Weather you should tell the guy or not
You don’t know what to do; it’s a tough decision

Months go by and your belly gets bigger
The time for the baby is nearer
Even though dad didn’t want you to keep it
You kept it anyway; you didn’t want it to die that way

You go to the guy’s house, just to tell him
But a girl answers the door, not his mom or sister
You just ran home crying
So you call him on the phone and tell him

As usually he didn’t believe you
When you showed him
He said, “it aint mine! ”
You feel bad, it’s and expected lie

It’s your ninth month; you missed a lot of school
You missed all the parties, thrown by people who were cool
You cry yourself to sleep a lot
But you’re glad you kept it
You wonder what to name it

Then worries of how to care for it
Crossed your mine
Your parents suggested adoption
But you said, “not my child! ”

The day is here, your water broke
You’re in the hospital
Crying, huffing and puffing
Your best friend by your side
But where is the father of the child?

He’s not there; your parents go in with you
Your mom helps you get through
The baby’s born, girl or boy
Your heart was filled with joy

Then some moths later
The long lost daddy returned
To see his little boy or girl
Although you’re pissed at him
You let him in

And from then on
It’s just some random visits,
And that’s if you’re lucky
So take my stupid advice
Don’t be no mommy before you be the wife

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