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The Traitor - Poem by emerson achari

The gates of iron opened
once more
the final time i feared
the guards came in
shining in blue
dragged me out
for i was suffering
from the flu

Ahead stood my last note of life
another man caught up in the countries strife
my friends my family
all dead before

How did i end up
in this decor
the memories swished by
all made sense

The country was rich
and golden green
A beautiful spring morning
it was

Farming as i was
on my tiny farm
a fortress of dust rose in the east
The villages bustle
now all silent
with peace

The creatures inside
now shown clear
for knights they were
of King James, so dear

Yet our minds were made
as we began to fear
for we know they came for business
only for our ears to hear

Dragged along a bloody red
corridor of pure bronze
Yet i noticed none at all
for terror plagued me
As i approached a man standing tall

The knights told us to pack our bags
take no food he told us all
For he we shall hunt the noble stags

Thus this miserable journey had begun
on a bright day where the robins sung
For i had not knew
i would lose all dear and true

We traveled for days and nights at a time
We traveled through forests and in the rain
We grew and swell in ranks a plenty
We traveled through rock and stone
Over roaring rainfalls
We traveled
Yet all the time questions crawled up m spine
though too frightened i was to ask

We are at war is what he said before we had all left
Soldiers you shall all become
We must travel far this day
To reach the camp
for the training has already begun

We arrived at the camp
Exhausted our party were
All rested for their cramps
Before the training party began to stir

The training hard, paining, miserable
All day it lasted
For twelve whole hours
Followed by the usual grumbles
Of pain and loneliness

Relief flooded me
For the man was not my end
Instead, my head throbbed with the pain of his tattoo
What it said i knew not
Made with a color of which i knew no hue

Only when i chanced a mirror
Did i see the horror written upon my face
TRAITOR it read
TO DIE TODAY it said

Horns blared
Battle lines drawn
Sweat, cursing
Noise beyond imagination
all came, blind and those deafening

The king declared the two armies march
The experts forward
And farmers aft
The battle field set

The armies on the east
And enemies west
The stage set
Soldiers ready
Swords drawn
Arrows notched
Cries yelled...

Water stinging my face
Pain screaming down
The noose round my neck
The crowd baying for blood
For these people i fought
For their entertainment i die

The shock of war
Hit us by a cry
A cry of death
The first of many
Many of ours...

The noose tightened
Pain increasing
My rights and will read out

The Primary army ran away
They say the king called
None the less
We were there to stay
The last barrier of the Kings

We'll all die i thought
No hope
No wish
No time for prayer

The banner of the West Kings flew high

The bench leaving my feet
Panic set in
Hope vanishing

Our banner, the Kings
Dropped down
I raised our hopeful allies
Banner high

From the kingdom we all heard
A rush of noise from the west
As our allies charged into their ranks
Raising their banner of hardened crest
Our men followed suit
The swarm of men and horses charged straight in

I returned home that day
To see the ruins of my stay
My family and friends lying dead around
All else gone...

The bench gave way
Hanging by my neck
Life leaving

My tutor always said
To leave a place with a smile...

Poet's Notes about The Poem

my longest poem yet
The story is of the man recalling memories when he is about to die
PS i wont spoil the story for you

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  • Gajanan Mishra (9/12/2013 2:31:00 AM)

    leave a place with a smile, I like it, thanks.
    I invite you to read my poems and comment.
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