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The Trees Scream - Poem by Snake Blocker

It's that time again—
A time when God's trees scream in the wind.
This is their time of sorrow.
This is their time of shame.
They are stripped of their beauty.

They cry a thousand leaves.
They break a hundred branches.
They have lost their dignity.
They have lost their pride.

They can offer no protection.
They can offer no shelter.
They can offer no fruit.
They are once again useless.

Hear the trees scream.
Feel their sorrow.
They scream, "Why? Why? Why? "
They forget God has a plan for them.

God is testing their faith.
How soon they all forget.
Like each season—this too will pass.
Just a little while longer…

The trees will be stronger.
They will bear more fruit.
They will build more branches.
They will blossom more leaves.
Their beauty will return.

Their greatness will surpass the previous year's yield.

Most will reject change.
Most will forget about "the plan."
And some will refuse to bear the burden and forsake their roots.
Some will rebel and be destroyed by lightning.
The fire will engulf them.
They will be consumed and forgotten.

Woe to those that go astray!

The fellowship of the forest unifies them.
The struggles of yesterday added to the strength of today.
The trees are once again beautiful.
The creatures take shelter in their rebirth.
The rivers rejuvenate their thirst.

The strongest survived.
The faithful were rewarded.
The colors multiplied.
And the cycle is now complete!

The screams have turned to joy!

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 9, 2012

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