Eric Paeplow

The Waiting Game - Poem by Eric Paeplow

We are born into heaven,
Nestled safely in our mother's arms
Then taught the ways of good and evil
The ways of right and wrong
We are told of God and his glory,
Resting in his Heavenly place
We are told of the Devil himself
And the horrors that might await

Living lives planned out by others
Whom we have never known
Telling us each of the glory that awaits
In our Heavenly home
And the joy we will find
After a life of toil, hardship and sacrifice
Once we finally pass over
No longer
Part of the human race

But the spirit which speaks within me
Screams aloud
Are you all blind?
Or have you simply never looked around
Why must you wait for what may
Or may never be
Waiting your whole life
For some paradise
To have your soul set free

Waiting, wanting, or wishing for some heaven
Some afterlife
And wasting the precious days
Rather than finding the joy
In THIS life

For Heaven is here, looking back at you
In the depths of your children's eyes
Or in a golden glen
Gleaming in the breaking dawn's light

Yet the world goes on
Forever wishing, wanting


Oblivious to the passing beauty
And their time


Following the path planned by others
And the rules long practiced
Never seeing we are already in heaven
Because most of us

Simply haven't noticed...

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, June 25, 2014

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