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The Warrior - Poem by Champion Chris

A warrior stands, with power and strength,

His sword at his side, severed arm's length,

This blade has caused death, and much more despair,

But before he left, to depart for flair,

He looked towards the window, of the girl in the robe,

And wondered if she knew, that he would soon travel the globe,

He went inside, the house was in cheers,

That soon someone would soon, relieve them of fears,

As he entered, they invited him in,

Unaware that he, would soon battle their sins,

His face was grim, his voice was gone,

The girl soon learned, that he would leave at dawn,

He couldn't stay, his heart was meek,

But as he walked, the girl cried weak,

He turned in fear, had she seen the meeting?

She rushed into his arms, tears with greeting,

She begged him to stay, she couldn't bear to hear,

That he would depart, and his death be her fear,

A smile so cold, and piercing stare,

Met her warm, and reassuring glare,

The warrior held, the robed girl in love,

And called out to the outside, in came a dove,

He gave it to her, with a calling to store,

"This dove will return, when I have finished this war",

Looking into his eyes, she accepted his offer,

And said with honor, "Win this for me, and end the slaughter",

They pulled away, the time had come,

For words to leave, and bodies to become numb,

They shared a kiss, to seal the promise,

His sword at the ready, to defend and relinquish,

He walked off, to begin a battle,

That will result, in the death of chattel,

And after weeks of nothing, and words never heard,

The girl in the robe, began to feel uneasy in nerve,

A dove came to the house, covered in blood,

Spoke "Come and see, this horrible body amongst mud! ",

The people ran, doubts of fear,

That the warrior, was no longer here,

She knelt to the body, it was surely his,

Just as his face, was full of a quiz,

"I've killed them all, no one will take you from me",

The warrior had fallen asleep, after his victorious spree,

She laughed in joy, that he had lived,

And wished that God, his sins would forgive,

Now in the home, of the conquering hero,

Was given him the name, Defender Nero,

A boy of 16, spars with his aged father,

The mother remembers, when he was the victim of slaughter,

A figure stands, sword in the ground,

As a woman calls out, "Safe and sound",

The warrior turns to meet, the robed girl in harmony,

He had protected his promise, protected love's company.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, February 10, 2012

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