The Wish - Poem by ABHIJIT BASU

My life is a poem and its verses are written in Latin,
Sometimes I understand and sometimes I am not certain,

What it actually means,
I had done no sin even in dreams,

I don't smoke, booze or drink,
I led my life with caution and with no faulty emotions,

I respect my elders the way I was taught,
I share my achievements and never fought,
I never asked for more than what I got,

Life gave me in my first phase all the troubles,
Yet I only prayed God more and requested him and never mumble,

I never questioned his existence or his absence,
It was simple and clear in my conscience of his subsistence,

Earlier I got whatever I asked for in my prayer,
It made my belief in him strong and dare,

However, of late he pretends not to hear,
Not considering my plea and made me suffer in tears,

He is almighty, with enormous power,
He should be benevolent and should shower,

His blessings to the poor soul,
If he is there at all,

I am confused and asked God and cry,
If you are there, why poor beg and die,

He laughed and said, Dear I am God,
My existence depends on your failures,

If you win I lose, if you have all your desires,
You will not care,

My devotees will not share the fear in me and refuse my being,
I am there in you when you do good I am there when you do bad,

You shall not be sad on temporary obstruct,
Keep on trying and play your part,

I have kept something for you to start,
You have a devoted wife and a healthy son what else you want,

I lament and thought God was there always,
We have to work harder and get the consequence,
To get to him we need to exert our efforts and significance,

I told him to give me a life full of joy,
To laugh with my family and a good job to merry,
No surprises which make me sad or worry,

He laughed again and then He said with a stern tease,
So you want what you desire, that is not possible where you exist,

You have to leave earth and come to me for eternal peace,
I was confused and thought if I leave my life alone,
How can it relieve my pain and my sorrows are gone,

But I tried and went with him to the heaven,
The place seems gloomy and the same,

No one seems laughing and everything was passive,
You get delicious food in time and massive,

Nobody was concerned and sitting without sound,
With no friend to chat and no work to get amused,

Because I was in pain for my family and friends,
God understood and asked what happened why you are so offend,

Your desires are fulfilled and you got what you want,
I cried, No this is not the life I desire,

Please send me back or else I will scamper and run,
May be earth is a place of heartache and pain,
Yet I don't yearn for this life and fun to gain,

I was good with my limited assets and possessions,
Earth was better place for me and I pray with reverence,


Topic(s) of this poem: life

Form: Dramatic Monologue

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, January 30, 2016

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