The Word "Death" Poem by GST GST

The Word "Death"

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Did you say to define death?
Something very difficult so feel I,

Did you ask the meaning of death?
Something different then other words of dictionary,

Did you know the death?
Something that no one can comprise,

Did u feel for death?
Something highly possible one fine day,

Did you understand the concept of death?
Something yet to be realize,

Did you set the alarm for that?
Something highly impossible,

Dis you refrain from it?
Something no man under the earth can,

Did you let it go?
Something someone wishes for,

Did you question it ever?
Something during the tragedies,

Did you obtain a permit for it?
Something at the birth time,

Did you lay firm procedure for it?
Something that my loved ones may do it,

Did you ever know before it?
Something rests in the hands of God,

Did u find it easy too?
Something that it is yet to be realized,

Did you see near it?
Something that when loved ones moves abode,

Did you pray for it?
Somethings needs Almighty's hands to be at his home,

Did you fear it?
Something every man does so.

One such moment no one can
One such moment difficult to scan before
One such moment that lays a man from dustto dust
One much moment to lay rest in peace
O! death only a pray, should be painless for love and dear ones.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: wish
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