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There Is Life After Death - Poem by Samson Ajilore

Death is not the end in Christ!
Love has no beginning at all, neither does Love has an end, for God the infinite One is Love,
And from His Love He called us forth and named us the humankind.
We were together in the Creator joined in His heart from eternity,
He designed our lives to be with Him in His Spirit in Love.
Until the time He decided to release us to a planet called earth, to love on earth as we love in Him
Our times of release were different but His purpose for us was similar,
We were to make His love known unto the multitudes also released.
Earth was going to be our training to prove our love for the Creator,
But the time shall come to depart and return to where we came from.
How sad is the truth we see as our release times differ,
And the same is true of our departure time.
Death itself is not a set back for we have risen with Christ,
Resurrection is not a lie but an absolute truth.
Before resurrection came, all humankind died through the first Adam, until Christ came,
Jesus was the first to conquer both physical and spiritual death.
We that exercise our will on earth to choose Christ have no cause for regret,
For even when death separates us we know that our resurrection shall reconcile.
We do not have to remain in sorrow knowing our loved ones sleep,
For soon we shall all meet again and never be separated.
We shall meet in the arms of Love and sing with the saints in glory,
It shall be songs of victory and joy for sorrows will end and there shall be no more death.
If Christ had not risen from the dead our faith would have been in vain,
But since Christ has risen from the dead we now have the same hope of resurrection.
We mourn not as if we are hopeless but for a brief departure,
That resurrection shall soon reconcile
We love all of them that fall asleep and our tears for them are not of loss,
But of love and the memories we share.
Christ also wept in a funeral for a loved one even though He knew He was going to raise him back,
We mourn not as hopeless in the face of death but celebrate a life of genuine love.
So grieve not the loss of those that sleep for in Christ death is not the end,
It is a transition to a higher life.
To be absent in the flesh my friend, Is to be present with the Lord forever,
When we behold him at last, His question to us shall be but one...
Did you learn to love my beloved?
For love is our purpose on earth and a life of love is a life fulfilled!

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 29, 2011

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