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There Is No 'There', When One Reached There! ! - Poem by Ramdas Bhandarkar

Running after Truth,
went on pilgrimage,
From here to there,
From there to someother
From one place to other,
Madurai to Tirupati,
Arunachalam to Himalayan,
Haridwar to Hrishikesh,
Amarnath to Kedarnath,
Kashi to Mathura
Jeruselem to Kaba!

There to place left on Earth,
which is not holy,
Each place is holy,
Made holy by caring hearts
carrying the Truth!

Everywhere, may be unknown forest,
valley or mountain,
Plateau or desert, shore or ocean,
I saw footprints of men of God,
Air in atmosphere, water in lake and ocean,
All sanctified by his name,
Not only saw the faith in peoples heart,
But also glowing light everywhere,

May be in one or in many,
Many faces of one I saw,
Everywhere it is holy,
May be in crawling earthworm,
May be in worm in gutter,
Or may be in smiling face in a mansion,
Or weeping hungry faces in huts,
May be round bright faces of cute children,
Or may be in eyes of dried skin of hungry skeleton,
I saw the light,
Light of him in their hope and faith!

I saw his face in Sun, or his image in lake,
May be in Lotus or lilly,
May be in hundred storied building,
May be in light of palace
Or hut with oilless lamp,
may be in power of an emperor or in helplessness of a begger,
May be in a child or its toys
Ah! Truth has so many path,
Pathless I became!

Wandering in this woods of dark world,
Where light hides or may be blinding light made me blind,
those look dark, may not be dark,
Those who look bright may not be bright!

When some how reached 'there',
None was there, even I or he,
Light or dark,
In fact no one to say,
this is that or
this is where you intended to reach!

The mystery of mysterious remained a mystery,
But when I looked back the light appeared,
And in that light I found everyone,
The beloved waiting for loved,
The cot on which flowers spread,
Lover waiting for beloved,
Weight of love being,
more than heart can bear
When beloved came,
face of lover became one among flowers,
Nay all flowers shined with love,
Reflected smiling face of Truth,
Love is secret of creation,
More to say every face of life is face of beloved Lord,
The Lord in disguise is life!

There was no 'There' when I reached there,
All was here and now,
and here alone his
faces can be seen,
In father or mother,
Or the child which is in everyone
neither born nor grow old,
Never can die,
We, who have so little time,
are devoted to the One
who has all the time.
We search to find
and be that Timeless One who is all time no
other than the Deathless One
He is that who feel and think,
Who has reasons and reasoning in Him!

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