These Shoes - Poem by JenOfPoetry METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING

Collaboration by
JenOfPoetry & Gary Malone

These Shoes….Part 1

Auntie…why do you have these shoes…there old and run over…
We need to go shoe shopping….
Baby girl…it's about time you knew the story behind these run over shoes…

These pair of shoes…not for fashion
They have walked through different facets of life
Going through the changes… making noises about who you are
What and how you can do it

Drinking…drugs...prostitution…fatherless children…
Flip flopping … losing grip… no self-worth…disrespect falling from lips…exposing weakness to the world…

Not the way our Fore-Mothers fought for
Walk with me…Talk with me…
Time to grow...

The souls of these shoes that I rock…Keep running for Freedom, being Civil while being a Woman and a Minority Voting for Equality…
Harriet Tubman… Daisy Bates…Dorothy Height…Angela Davis…Shirley Chisholm…Susan B Anthony…all ran this race and has passed the baton over to the next in line….
Walking the streets…tramping…tricking...Flaunting the wrong attributes…entertaining the incongruous …not how a lady should be acting…

True to their character… graceful…poised…Intelligent… angelic when speaking…Beautiful in every way… so honored to walk in these shoes of

Dorothy Dandridge… Dinah Washington… Sarah Vaughn… Ruby Dee… Oprah Winfrey… Halle berry… all showed how to get recognition with dignity and style
Mary Jane or Mama Coca, couldn't fly higher than Bessie Coleman controlling the skies with her wings…Taking up space is Mae Jemison

These shoes are good for your legs…giving the ability and endurance to stand for periods of time…
Maybe worn and tattered it doesn't matter for the responsibility to care and love the next is in balance… May not have a PhD like…
Georgian Simpson, Sadie Tanner Mosley Alexander or Eva Dykes…the careful attention that has been acquired can be useful in making things better…
Managing this country and bring justice to all…
Carol Mosley Braun…Patricia Roberts Harris…Eleanor Holmes… Condoleezza Rice…Constance Baker Motley…have had a hand at the operating switch

In the midst of working to keep this gender alive there's still the matters of keeping home in stride…Always on the move…a conciliatory posture and strength is a must
'Behind every Great Man Stands a Strong Woman"
Myrlie Beasley… Coretta Scott… Betty Shabazz held it down at home and stood by their man through sickness and health… good and bad…until death do them part…planting seeds who will spring-off to carry on the legacy…

These shoes have carried & walked a lot …accomplished a great deal in life…yet they still hold it together… reinforcements have been called in to take the finish line…
Alice Coachman…Florence Griffith Joyner…Jackie Joyner Kersse…
Rejoicing for much these shoes begin to dance…learning new moves from…
Josephine Baker… Angela Isadora… Fanny Elssler…the graceful flamingos

Warranting rest & reflection…Ink down all the triumphs & realizations… maybe read… Rita Dove…Phyllis Wheatly… Maya Angelo…or Toni Morrison….some of the greatest… who inspired others to fill their shoes…

These shoes maybe worn out, ugly and outdated…the souls still hold strong…one day they will pass to you…
They have brought me here and here is where I stand…
Before making a fashion statement…walk in these shoes and recognize….
Who wore them…What roads they traveled…When will be the next journey…Where will it end
Become a Facet Statement…

Jen Of Poetry
(Copyright Sept.2 2011)

These Shoes…Part 2

Say Uncle G those sure are some raggedy looking shoes
Lil Man, if you don't know a man's story or have paid some dues
Please don't be so quick to judge a man by his shoes
You don't know what these shoes have been through
I may look broke but these shoes ain't no joke….these shoes

Have traveled paths made by soles of shoe-less souls
Captured, shipped, beaten, whipped and sold
Blistering feet in blistering heat
Lynched, hung and later emancipated
Where segregation was once the head
These shoes help decapitated it, combat boots that
Fought in revolutions and marched in a movement
To kick Jim Crow's ass and stomp Willie Lynch
Free to run, these shoes have been running ever since

Worn by Buffalo soldiers, Tuskegee Airmen, Black Panthers
and Freedom Riders…these shoes are innovative, stylish
Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis, Michael Johnson and Usian Bolt
Sprinted in these shoes and won gold medals in many Olympics
Mr. Bo Jangles, Sammy Davis Jr. and Michael Jackson
These shoes tapped dance and moonwalk with greatness
Joe Louis, Jackie Robinson, Jim Brown and Michael Jordon
Stepped up to the plate to roam the sports hall of fame
These shoes help great athletes change their game

Found in all sizes on white plantations to the White House
Black, sturdy, rugged and wholly amazing
The fiery footprints these shoes leave are trail blazing

From the cotton fields in the south to Harlem's Cotton Club
Porters on racist trains to the driver of the inner city transit subs
The back of the bus to the front of the space shuttle
Young man, these shoes can do more than sell crack
Gangbang, pimp, hustle and the Cupid shuffle

Saturday nights in the juke joints listening to the blues
ZZ Hills, Johnny Taylor, Tyrone Davis and Al Green sung in these shoes
Sunday mornings several pair of Stacy Adams stands in countless pulpits
Spreading the gospel of the good news
Monday through Friday after work these shoes becomes house shoes
Resting in a recliner watching the evening news

Nephew, a million men have marched in these shoes
History making…Air Force Ones have flown on Air Force One
And that's not to mention what these shoes went through before Christ was born

Creative, intellectual with business and street sense
Leather, suede, cotton, gators…dirty or polished, rich or poor
Flip flops or sandals, socks or not
These shoes stood by our women and help this nation represent
Go inside and ask yo Auntie Jen

Now lil Man, pull yo pants up and put on some real shoes
Those fresh white Nikes you got on have yet to pay some dues.

By: Gary Malone
August 27,2011
Copyright © Aug.2011

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